September 26, 2017

How to Enable GOD MODE in Windows 7/Vista ?

Have u ever wished that all the different system settings were present under one roof(folder) in windows !! ?

Yes, it’s true .. the Almighty (Microsoft Inc.) has answered your calls and has provided this special “GOD MODE“ folder in both windows 7 & windows vista.
This special folder consists of all the important system settings and configurations. But as u know .. No Gain Without Pain !!
You have to take some pain to get this folder . But don’t worry friends, I am here to reduce your pains !!
This is how you can Get it ->>
Just make a New Folder and Rename it to ->


God Mode FolderFolder Looks Like this and Provides all the important Configurations Inside it.

and You get your God Mode folder !! Enjoy

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  1. Hello,

    Very nice feature.
    Keep rocking guys…

  2. great share bro, i am using windows 7 Ultimate so i have to give a try for this, and your blogs theme is good.

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