May 25, 2017

How to Register A Mobile Number in Yahoo Messenger ?

Yahoo Messenger is a Desktop Chat Client developed by Yahoo, with the help of this software you can chat with your friends and relatives. In this post I am going to teach you “How to Register A Mobile Number in Yahoo Messenger“. This is one of the most peculiar feature Yahoo offers and everyone must avail it . If you register your device than you can receive your offline chat requests or the details on you cell number when you were in offline mode. With the help of this feature you can receive offline chat messages on your phone as a message.

Click on the Messenger at the top navigation bar of Yahoo Messenger window and now in the drop down menu of Messenger click on Preferences which means you want to edit your options which you want to edit.

Yahoo Messenger

In Preferences click on General and navigate to Edit Mobile Device and then register your mobile with your country and providing your mobile number.


Yahoo will send you a SMS 4 digit confirmation code and enter it there itself.


If you do it successfully then, you are done with the requirements and now as soon as you automatically sign out of Yahoo Messenger you will be signed in into mobile devices.



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  1. Step 3 doesn’t appear.. instead I’m directed to

    The only problem is it’s only for US residents.. WHY???

    can somebody help me?

  2. Hey, it is also available for other countries too ? You can try it again :)

  3. sasi….


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