September 26, 2017

Amazing Twitter Tips for Newbies

Now it’s time to learn some new things about twitter. If you have not used twitter till now or do not know exactly How to use twitter?. Here are few points which will help you to get into the twitter world.

RT = Retweet  the tweet

If you want to share someone’s tweet which is very appreciable and readily accepted, as long as you give the original tweeter credit for it. Just put “RT @name” in front of their tweet and post it to your followers.

Send Direct Messages

With Direct Messaging feature of Twitter, you can send a private 140-character message to another user; you can say a personal message. But this feature is enabled to those users who are following you.

Shorten Your URLs

This feature is used to make long URLs compact and easy to share, it is implemented in twitter because of the 140-character limitation. You can use one of the several URL shortening services to shrink any link i.e.,, and

Use @ Sign

If you want to create a reply to someone’s twitter, simply put @ sign in front of their twitter username. If it is a reply, the @ sign must be the first character of the tweet. To see replies to your tweets, click on @Replies from your profile page.

Search for Your Friends and Celebrities will help you finding your favorite celebrities, friends and organizations.  Find your favorite ones and start following them.

Share Pictures on Twitter

All of us love sharing our precious moments with the world and some even break news with them. Twitpic is a service offered which allows twitter users to share pictures with your followers.

Keep Tweeting from Your Phone

Twitter allows you to update your status and receive update via text message. Under settings, go to the devices tab and enter your phone number to sending and receiving tweets at your phone. If your incoming tweets are overloading your inbox, you can disable this option in the same panel.

Opt for a Good Desktop Client

You can use for tweeting or you can go with desktop client to receive and update tweets. If you want to use twitter efficiently and want to manage you followers in the best way, you can go with some of the best desktop clients like Tweetdeck, Twhirl and TwitterFox.

What you are feeling about twitter now ? Find it interesting or not ? Do let us know.

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  1. hehehe all these tips we know already :)
    but “Keep Tweeting from Your Phone” i was unaware of this.

  2. hehehe You are not a newbie….

  3. Its really worth to share with my network people. Thanks and looking for more.


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  5. shashank chinchli says:

    i needed this tips miserable when i was new to twitter:))
    good write up dude!

  6. I am glad that they served you for a good purpose :)

    Thanks for the Comment.

  7. wow :) thats really helpful. i have even seen some sites selling twitter followers. i doono how is this possible to get more twitter visitors for free.

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