October 19, 2017

5 Best Alternatives to Google Adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular contextual advertising network currently available on the internet. Most of the bloggers and webmasters are using this service and earning lots of money.

If you have been banned by Google Adsense or unfortunately your appeal is not approved by Google. Don’t Worry! Here is the list of Best Alternates to Google Adsense:

Clicksor – Clicksor is the best and good quality Google Adsense alternative. It allows you with many advertisement types at Good CTR (Click Through Rate). It also provides In-Text advertisement which is not available in Adsense.

Adbrite – One of the oldest and most popular advertising networks on the internet. Adbrite gives your visitors opportunity to buy advertisements on your sites easily. It gives you related contextual ads to earn good amount of money.

Bidvertiser – Bidvertiser is professional contextual advertising network. It offers you only contextual and feed advertisements. It is almost similar to Google Adsense.

Chitika – Chitika was founded in 2003, it is the leading blog advertising company. Its network contains thousands of blogs and websites and hundreds of advertisers and merchants.

Infolinks – It is one of the best alternate in domain of In-Text Advertisements. Infolinks is a very renowned advertising network which provides only In-text advertisement.

There are other alternatives to Google Adsense also, but I have added only 5 of them. Will love to know what do you think which one is the best Google Adsense alternative program?

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I am Rajan Balana, A Blogger from Rajasthan. I love playing PS2 and enjoy blogging.


  1. Parv Sharma says:

    hello sir , as u said ive installed that adrotate plugin but i am unable to configure it out…so plz can u help me?? or m having a better option…can u post an article on it in detail..???

  2. Thank You for your reply. If you want to discuss the problem in details please contact me at : http://www.dreambloggers.com/help/

  3. Hey have u tried all these? I do not think that any one will pay like adsense for CPC. what do you say?

  4. Yes I have tried two among them i.e. clicksor and adbrite :)

  5. Hi rajan,
    hw r u? I started my blog on blogspot.com. Hw can I use these adsense alternatives to make money through blogspot? I checked on blogspot.com tht we can earn money through it as well.

  6. hw to use these alternatives with my blog on blogspot.com? blogspot allows us to use google adsense but for indian users it is not available right now. i was wondering tht we might be able to use the alternatives tht u have suggested.

  7. I am fine sir, you can use adbrite advertisement network. As you are new at blogspot and started recently they may not approve as a publisher, but you can try your luck :)

  8. @chaitanya its not that adsense is not available for indian publishers, they just have stricter rules now.
    You need to flow some rules and and your domain needs to have passed certain checks before you become eligible for adsense program.
    I do agree it has become difficult to get in but its not disabled for sure.
    they have clearly mentioned in their official blog(though it feels to bad to read it there) that they are apprehensive of indian/pakistani/bangladesh/chinese publishers because of the high amount of click fraud that is upcoming from accounts in these nations.
    They are even not blinking an eyelid before shutting down existing accounts on mere suspicion of a click fraud.
    But if you follow the rules , you will surely be an adsense publisher and join us! :)

  9. @Rajan Even retract media is good! i have tried it personally and though the CPC is a little on the lower side still its a decent payout and less stricter rules than adsense.
    Can you comment on the {DOFOLLOW/NOFOLLOW} status of the infolinks ads? i am clueless….if they happen to be dofollow , which i feel they are sice they make us put the code in the head section, then it will increase our outbound links and reduce pagevalue.

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