September 26, 2017

How to Use Twitter for SEO Purposes ?

Social Media is one of the best ways for bringing large number of visitors to your blog. With social networking sites, webmasters are ready to exploit all possible channels of social media marketing. Twitter is the latest trend in social networking which has made its well-defined recognition. So, there is no doubt, that we can use the potential of twitter for search engine optimization.

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Do twitter Really Have SEO value?

It is the biggest question whether a link posted/tweeted on Twitter passes link juice or not. Well Twitter has a hidden SEO importance but you cannot find it directly. Twitter adds “noFollow” attribute to all the links posted by its users.

With millions of users registering every year Twitter definitely can be source of organic traffic to your website. If you know how to use twitter?. Search engines can ignore the links posted on twitter but huge number of followers to a profile cannot be ignored. Search Engines give more importance to tweets by those users which are having large number of followers.

It means, increasing the number of followers should be given prime importance while using Twitter as SEO purposes.  Once you have good number of followers, most of the follower will surely visit the links on your tweets.

It can also affect your Alexa traffic rank by driving traffic to your blog.

How to use Your Profile for SEO?

Profile: You need to choose your username carefully in order to rank with your profile. A crisp and relevant bio is a must to get noticed by both humans and search engines.

Tweeting: what you tweet is the most important of all. Tweet regularly but not in excess, it can annoy your followers as well. Google can take frequent tweet with same comment as spam.

Re-Tweet: Leverage the power of re-tweet button in twitter by posting some really good and useful content. Use widely popular terms in your tweets; try tweeting unique and interesting facts related to burning topics.

Use Hash Tags: Keywords preceded by a hash tag (#) help in getting a placement in twitter’s real time search. Instead of covering broader term you should better focus in more specific keywords for better ranking.

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What Do you think, Is twitter really maintains good SEO Value ?

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  1. Hi Rajan,

    So far i didn’t used the twitter effectively it seems.I just re-tweet the post and wont give the hash tag’s.

    Need to tweet correctly hereafter 😉

    Thanks for the post.

  2. Thanks for the Comment

  3. Hi Rajan,

    I am using Twitter for promoting my blog articles and I am getting good number of visitors from Twitter alone. Although I am not sure about the SEO part, Twitter can help you to get more visitors for your blog.


  4. Thank you for the comment

  5. Nice article Rajan.
    I didnt accept ur article because i want really nice article which readers love to read.
    Plz write nice articles for us.

  6. Thank You for the Comment.

    Ok Rahul, I will try to Post best article for your blog too.

  7. Pankaj Gupta says:

    Using Hash Tags are really useful and very less peoples are using it.

  8. Rajan,

    If Twitter adds a noFollow with all the links that are tweeted, half of the SEO-thing of Twitter dies there only. The only way one can use Twitter to promote one’s blog is to twee and re-tweet about one’s blog (with links) on twitter (but be clean, just don’t spam twitter). And, this would also work only if – you’ve got a considerable following.

    Hope you agree!

  9. I am fully Agree with You. Thanks for the Comment.

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