October 22, 2017

Impress Your Blog Readers : Write Killer Article

As the time is passing, blogging is getting more and more popular. Each and everyone want to make his/her career in blogging, but in my point of view, Blogging is not that much as we think, managing blogging and overall blog is really a difficult task.

It’s true to some extent; you can get your own domain name and start-up with a blog with no experience or anything else. However, getting good amount of readers, subscribers requires more than that.

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So, I thought of sharing some tips with you for writing killer/interesting blog post.  If you are writing killer posts, it will automatically attract your readers and search engines.

Here are the few tips, which will help you to write an amazing article at your blog.

  • Always write with reference to your audience (readers).
  • Write Post in Paragraphs with sub-headings.
  • Get in the habit of outlining your posts.
  • Do write introduction & conclusion, no matter if they are short.
  • Choose best matching and appealing images/photos in your blog post.
  • Try to identify keywords and write effective Meta description for each post.
  • Don’t consider your blog as “Personal Diary”, spark out professionalism.
  • Solve reader’s problem or query as your post.
  • Proofread your posts twice.
  • Make your reader to participate in commenting at your post, by posting questions or invitation for contribution through commenting.

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What disturbs you the most while writing post? Do share your best tips while writing a better blog post.

About Rajan Balana

I am Rajan Balana, A Blogger from Rajasthan. I love playing PS2 and enjoy blogging.


  1. Pankaj Gupta says:

    Also Try to post useful, Unique and Original Contents. Google and visitors both will like it. :)

  2. Thanks Pankaj For the Comment. I Agree with your point.

  3. Nice and worthy tips! Keep blogging and sharing. Cheers!

  4. content matter a lot everywhere…..

  5. Cool Dude! One of the comfortable article, I came across after a long time. Even If we dont blog regularly, posting 1 Killer article/ week keeps your visitors coming baq again and again to your blog.
    So never bother about quantity just focus on quality

  6. @sidduz. Thank You for the Comment

    Very well said.

    I do believe in your views, Quality Matters More. :)

  7. hmm true. Just keep posting some real big articles and always ensure that they are useful

  8. Thank Your TechPerk for all the comments :). I am very glad that you liked the articles at our blog.

  9. Getting readers involved in your every article and getting along in discussion with them is a great way to promote your articles.
    Moreover, this enhances your relationships with other bloggers in your niche.

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