October 17, 2017

Increase Comments & Reader Participation in Your Blog

Blog is one or the other form of Discussion Media, where a blogger share his knowledge and the readers gain that knowledge and involves themselves into the discussion with their comments. Once you have established your blog, biggest requirement is to make a social circle around your blog and increase discussions on the blog pages, which makes the readers happy and stay connected. Reader’s comments are the most valuable part of the blog; you should pay equal attention to each comment and make reply to it.

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Follow some tips for increasing discussion and commenting activity on your blog:

Invite Comments: Let your readers know that you are keen to hear from them. Do ask for their views and opinions via comments.

Reply to Comments: Interact with your blog readers, always reply to your reader’s comments; it makes them feel that they are noticed.

Do Not Delete Approved Comments.

Understand & Respond to Negative Comment Positively: If you have got negative response, Don’t Panic, reply positively and be civilized.

Comment on Other Blogs: commenting on other blogs, it makes network with other bloggers and they will also back reply to you via comment.

Be Soft: Socialize your blog as much as possible; make your reader feels as if they are talking to a friend; make them comfortable enough to comment more on your blog.

Make Do-Follow Blog: Make your blog a do-follow blog, DreamBloggers is a do-follow blog; you can make yours also by using Do-Follow Plugin.

Default Blog System or Third-Party: You can follow default commenting system or can use Disqus which would save time of your readers along with directly logging with Facebook, Twitter, Open ID etc.

Run Offers & Contests: Run various types of contest and offers which make your readers to involve in the discussion and win some free goodies.

Write Killer Article: Always represent your article in such a way, which automatically makes reader to comment on it.

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Use Top Commentator Widget: It can work as a reward for your top commentators, by displaying their name in the sidebar or footer. It also encourages more comments by getting listed in the Top.

Display Avatar: Everybody loves to see their avatars/photos on the website, enable the avatar functionality in your blog.

Use CommentLuv: Enabling CommentLuv add a backlink which encourage them to comment more. It allows leaving recent blog post of the commentator.

Approve Comments Regularly: Bring some time to approve your comments regularly, don’t keep your commentators waiting to see their comment live.

There can be more ways through which you can involve the reader’s interactivity into your blog. Do share your tips regarding commenting. I’d love to hear about them.

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