September 24, 2017

Change WordPress Default Username Easily

Securing blog is the first responsibility of each and every blogger. WordPress after getting installed, comes with the default username “admin”, which have all the capabilities of managing blog. So there can be a risk of hacking into your blog. There are lots of ways through which you can provide security to your blog.

First step is to change the default username. By default wordpress do not provide any option to change the username. But there are many other ways through which you can change the default username of your wordpress blog.

Use SQL Query

You can run a SQL query through PHP My Admin in your Hosting Control Panel.

UPDATE  ‘wp_users’  SET  ‘user_login’  =  ‘NEWUSERNAME’ WHERE ‘wp_users’.’ID’ =1 LIMIT 1 ;

Manually Edit Database Entry

You can go with manual editing of your admin database entry. It is highly recommended to backup your database before making modification in its entries manually. For editing follow these steps:

  • Go to PHPMYADMIN of your database and browse the table named as wp_users.
  • Find out the record with username admin. Click on edit button to edit this entry.
  • In the user_login column change your username to a new username.

Try Some WordPress Plugins

If you cannot follow the above two ways, you can go with some of the useful wordpress plugins, to sort out this problem.

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I hope that you have successfully changed your username and made your wordpress blog more secure.

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