September 26, 2017

Unbelievable Facts of India Check It Out!!!

India is the fastest economy in the world and is perhaps the upcoming superpower in the world. India is our land, but do you know everything about it? Are you sure? Let us see if you have read these facts before. If you haven’t then share your reaction with us through comments. This is our first out of the box article, we decided upon it because we want every Indian and every other nationalist to know about our country. Indians can do anything, if they remain united. United we stand and divided we fall!  Here goes some unbelievable facts about India.

Facts About India

Pre-Budget surveys indicate that in India 80 crore people or nearly 3/4th of the whole population has a capacity to spend only Rs. 20 (or half a dollar) a day!! Note : India is the 2nd fastest growing economy of the world after China….

Even after 62 years of independence the constitution of Free India contains 35,734 Acts which were enacted in the British rule for exploitation of Indians!!

If you stop consuming Pepsi-Coca Cola then atleast 30,00,000 poor people will directly get employed as fruit juice sellers , where each would generate a daily revenue of Rs. 2500 !!. This will save the health and wealth of the nation.

The total amount of Indian black money stashed away in Swiss Banks is 1.5 trillion USD which is more than 75 lac crore or 7,50,00,00,00,00,000 INR!! This amount is much more than twice the amount of black money of all other countries in the world!!…

ITC(Indian Tobacco Company) is not an Indian company. Its a subsidiary of American Tobacco Company(ATC)!! So stop consuming ITC products like pasta, biscuits, cigarettes, garments.

If corruption is removed from politics then every year, more than Rs 10 lakh crore will be spent in the development of the nation, crores of youth will get new avenues of employment, there will be industrial progress and there will be all-round development in the nation. The country will become strong, prosperous and free from crime….

Hindustan Lever(HUL) is not an Indian company. Its a subsidiary of Holland’s Unilever!! So stop consuming HUL(Hindustan Uniliver Limited) products

The total amount of wealth looted by Britishers from India is estimated to be above 300 lakh crore or 30,00,00,00,00,00,000 INR!!

Hindi is the 2nd most used language in the World after Chinese Mandarin. Yet in its own country India, it is given a second status after a language called English!!

Shocked? Aren’t you. These facts were really amazing and were compiled after a lot of analysis, but still of you find any sort of mistakes in this article please tell us through comments.

This Information is Provided by Bharat Swabhiman Andolan

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  1. Satish patil says:

    It’s very nicely said.

  2. every one speaks many things regarding changing the country but have any body changed themselfs before telling others to change.
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  3. Some informations are fake (when tried to match it in Wiki)

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    Every Indian must read this………………………………. :(

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  6. People should speak more Hindi. Documents should be written in Hindi.

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