September 26, 2017

Make Your Blog Compatible With iPad : PadPressed

iPad, you all know about them. iPad is a wonderful product from Apple. They are in millions around the globe.If you are having your own blog and looking to capture the users of iPad. So the best way to do that is to format the site’s appearance according to the taste of iPad users that’s decent :).

WordPress is nothing without its plugins, plugins makes WordPress very powerful and this time too, we will do the same with a plugin. The Plugin for the same is “PadPressed”.

This Plugin will render your blog according to the preferences of the iPad and the users will feel like they are browsing your site with an application.

See the video below. It is showing a site formatted for iPad with this plugin.

Note this is not a free plugin.You will have to pay around 49$ for it. It is having a social sharing option with it.

You can buy this plugin from PadPressed Official Website.

So, Are you planning to make your blog compatible with iPad? Do let us know.


  1. Although this plugin looks really cool, the $49 cost will make bloggers to double think about using this plugin.

  2. But the Plugin will be very useful for large scale blogs like amitbhawani’s or harsh’s blog or mashable etc etc. Isn’t it ?

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