May 25, 2017

Get Ready for an Unexpected Future : Google

Google is getting ready for envisioning a wonderful technology in which people will remember things with the help of computers, an unbelievable future in which computers will drive your car and translates your phone conversations.

At TechCrunch Disrupt Conference, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google said that the combination of cloud computing technology and power mobile phone devices will enable Google to one day tell people all those things which they want to know as they are walking down the street; without typing any search queries.


This technology is referred as “Serendipity Engine”. Schmidt said, the new computer technologies are creating a world in which will never be lonely because they can always to connect to some friend online and this future.

Schmidt added, it was careful to note that these services will be available after the public consent to sharing information about themselves so Google can better target its services.

Still I am not able to believe what I have shared will become truth in future? Do share you views about Google’s Future thinking. :)

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  1. Really fabulous it is !! Google will gonna reach unbeatable height in Virtual internet world.

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