May 25, 2017

6 Powerful Reasons to Choose WordPress for Your Blog

WordPress is such a capacitive system that any website, not only blogs, should look at using it to run their site. It is so easy to use, manage and expand it makes a great choice. If you are a newbie blogger, looking for a best blogging platform, then your first choice should be WordPress, just few of the things will make you clear; Why WordPress is the Best Choice.

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WordPress Does Not Cost You a Single Penny

WordPress is fully free of cost; you can use it on as many sites as you want, without ever paying a single penny. If you want to modify it to do something it can’t already have, you can even do that!

Download WordPress From here: WordPress

Thousands of designs/themes

There are thousands of themes to use; a quick search will show thousands of sites offering premium as well as free themes. No matter which niche your blog is covering, you can almost find a theme, whether free or paid, that fits what you need. You can create custom themes too.

Extremely Customizable

WordPress developers knew that people need to customize sites, but hate dealing with code they don’t understand. That’s why they made everything very easy to change, just by using an intuitive user interface. However, if you want more customizations, you have to deal with source files.

Full of Plugins

Secret behind the amazing power of WordPress is plugins. With these easy to install plugins, you can quickly add almost any feature to your blog/site; without coding! If a plugin doesn’t exist for fulfilling your need, you can easily develop it by having little bit knowledge of Programming.

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Fast Indexing by Search Engines

Goal of each and every website/blog is to get traffic, and the key to that traffic is often search engines. WordPress sites often rank higher and faster than other types of sites. You can improve SEO by using various plugins.

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Web-Hosts Like WordPress Too

Each and every webhosting company is compatible with WordPress. They even provide you to install WordPress in just a single click. There are many hosting providers which provides cheap WordPress hosting.

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WordPress is very much powerful. Do you use WordPress? What do you think about it? Do Share your Views with us.

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  1. Excellent article mate. These are the reasons why WordPress is rocking the blogging world. Thanks for sharing an useful post.

  2. @sathish. Thank you for the Comment. :)

  3. WordPress is the easiest of all CMS, open source which is the main thing :)

  4. Wp is simply super, its my favorite.

  5. Really valid points, But I am having my blogspot blog. Pity :(

  6. Mine is blogspot and am not very well versed with technicalities of blog etc.I am also not for any monitory gain out of the blog. Do you still advise to go for word press?

  7. Thank You for the Comment.

    In my opinion, WordPresss is even more powerful than blogspot, because there are unlimited possibilities in WordPress. You can choose many plugins, many themes, all of the above it is very easy to manage and update. If you are not well versed with technicalities, than also you can easily handle WordPress, if you face any type of Problem. You can Contact me anytime. :)

  8. Thank You for the Comment.

    When you have good amount of visitors and money. You can move to WordPress and Shared Hosting. Smile ! :)

  9. Thank You for the Comment.

    Welcome to DreamBloggers. :)

  10. Interesting!But if I move from blogspot to wordpress,what will happen to my followers and my page tell something about it…

  11. Excellent write up,
    Well we all are aware of the benefits that we get by choosing wordpress as the platform.

  12. Thank You for the Comment. Karan :)

  13. I see that blogger blogs are quickly indexed in Google than having your own customized your own server based WordPress blogs.

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