September 26, 2017

Extremely Dangerous Malware (Virus) : Stuxnet

Everywhere malwares and viruses are increasing day by day. But I was not aware about the damage which a virus can create. Today I read news about the virus Stuxnet. Stuxnet is also known as world’s “First Cyber Superweapon”. It is infecting millions of computer systems across the world. Recently China has been the latest target of this dangerous virus.

What exactly Stuxnet is?

Stuxnet is a computer worm, it is a piece of malicious software which copies itself and sends itself to other computers in the network. It can cause severe damage to all the computer system by jail breaking into the sensitive information.

What Stuxnet Can Do?

Stuxnet is capable of breaking into computers that control machinery in the heart of industry. It allows attacker to assume control of critical systems like pumps, motors, alarms, and valves. Apart from this, it can explode factory boilers, destroy gas pipelines, or even cause a nuclear power plant to malfunction.

What is the Purpose of Stuxnet?

This malware (virus) is specially designed to weaken plants and damage industrial systems, instead of stealing personal data. It can penetrate factory computers, which would damage the country’s national security.

According to china information, till now this virus doesn’t seem to cause any severe damage, quoted by global times.

I have never ever imagined about such a high-level damaging virus. We should be aware of it.

Is India is the next target of Stuxnet?

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  1. Guys Beware of this Virus DOG
    I have been affected once of this virus

  2. “capable of breaking into computers that control machinery in the heart of industry” well that is something very dangerous. Thanks for sharing this us.

  3. Pankaj Gupta says:

    It is really becoming difficult to handle viruses :) thousands or even more are coming out every day.

  4. Thank You For the Comment. Shanker.

    Welcome to DreamBloggers :)

  5. Thank You for the Comment. Nikul

  6. you can remove stuxnet virus by following the steps mentioned at the link below …

  7. M S Prasad says:

    The details are
    It does not harm normal computers. This virus is directed towards WIN CC ( Simtac) a siemens , windows OS based PLC control software. Commonly known as SCADA.

    In fact it searches for specific data gram , if not present it does nothing. If present , it does not wipe off the file or corrupt the system as other viruses do , but inserts arbitrary code in the control bit string , which can do any damage based on what it controls.

  8. Thanks M S Prasad, for providing these details. Thanks for the comment :)

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