May 25, 2017

iPhone, HTC, Nokia Hide Health Threats

Mobile phone users take their gadgets very seriously and never spare any effort to get the best, often spending more than they can afford. However, they don’t expect the companies concerned to put their health in harm’s way, deliberately.

Mobile phone giants have been accused of keeping the warnings about the health risks of using their handsets undercover by keeping them buried deep inside the manual. alt

A warning that Apple’s popular iPhone should be kept at least 15mm away from the body is buried deep inside the handbook.

BlackBerry fine print says customers should use their devices hands-free or keep them an inch from the body ‘including the abdomen of pregnant women and the lower abdomen of teenagers’.

All other manufacturers, including Nokia and HTC, carry similar small-print warnings despite insisting that holding mobiles against the ear and head is harmless. Health campaigners and politicians on both sides of the Atlantic are calling for clear warnings to be put on handset boxes.
“Most people have no idea about these warnings. The safety advice should be included on the boxes and far more prominently in the “getting started” section of user guides and not just in the detail at the back that hardly anyone reads,” the Daily Mail quoted Alasdair Philips, of Powerwatch, an independent group which investigates the safety of mobile phones, as saying.

The safety advice in manuals is designed to limit so-called Radio Frequency Exposure. This is said to heat body tissue and some – inconclusive – research suggests it is linked to tumours in the brain. Most RF exposure comes from the antenna and it can increase when a phone is kept in a pocket because phones increase their power output when a network signal weakens.
Men who carry handsets on their belt or in their pockets with the keypad facing outward will suffer higher exposure because the antenna, which is always at the back, is close to the body.

Philips said: “When a phone has to power up, it sends high SAR power into the trunk and towards the kidneys and liver.

Eyes  absorb external RF energy the most. Blood-rich organs, such as the liver, kidneys and heart are among the top energy absorbers.

What are your opinions?, How safe your mobile phone is ? I am very much scared now. Are You?


  1. essential part to be know… nice and helpful article

  2. Wow! this is something I didnt know.
    Will read the small text warning now…

  3. sagar kalra says:

    Ya surely we have to read all warning and instructions clearly before buying.

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