October 17, 2017

Google Driver For Your Car : A Secret

Today, I have got an interesting news, which the internet giant “Google” was hiding from the public.

Google Inc has been working on a top-secret project in plain view on Highway 1 between San Fransisco and Los Angeles, it’s about developing a vehicle that can be driven themselves.

Google has tested seven cars with distance traveled of 1000 miles without human intervention and more than 140,000 miles with only occasional human control.

Last week Google demonstrated how a Prius equipped with artificial intelligence software and a variety of sensors, following a route programmed within the GPS System of the Vehicle. A beautiful female voice guides you the route with announcements like “Approaching Crosswalk” etc.

The programme is the brain child of “Sebastian Thrun”, 43 years old, and the director of the Standford Artificial Intelligence Lab, a Google Engineer.

But some disputes are still in doubt like, in case of an accident who will be responsible for it the non-driving car or its software maker?

Just wait for a miracle to occur. I am very much excited, what about you ?

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  1. How to Correct Golf Slice says:

    Hey Rajan
    Cool I found your blog man.
    This is really the first time I have heard about manless driving of cars.
    I will digg deeper to get the truth on this.
    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Its really amazing news dude. Have to look such kinda cars atleast once.

  3. Yes I must have a look, Even if I get a chance to buy it, I will surely purchase one for myself:) BTW Thanks for the comment.

  4. How To Grip A Golf Club says:

    Just shared the story on digg and yahoo buzz.
    Cheers and keep the great news coming.

  5. Thank you commenting and sharing

    I am glad, you liked it :)

  6. Great news brother. Thanks for sharing this stuff. i just tweeted this. :)

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