September 24, 2017

Good Etiquettes For Using Twitter

Twitter is such a great tools for social networking; even twitter can help you to reach millions of people in a very short amount of time. But there are some unspoken rules that you should follow if you want to utilize the power of Twitter properly.
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Following are some Do’s and Don’ts for becoming good Twitter user:

  • Do not tweet overwhelmingly. If you are posting more than 10 tweets a day you are stretching yourself thin.
  • Think before you tweet. No one wants to read over and over again how depressed you feel or what you are doing every five minutes. Tweet important and funny messages that will interest a mass crowd.
  • Don’t mix your messages. Some people start out posting tweets about their business, and in between they tweet about their personal happenings. Decide what type of tweets you are going to post and stick to that. If somebody is following you because you had good advice about the niche. Respect their Expectations!
  • Don’t post any official/product messages. This is big no. Don’t promote any product through your tweets; people don’t want those kinds of messages crowding their Twitter screen.
  • Don’t abbreviate so much that they are hard to understand. Twitter has its own language, with abbreviations, symbols and hashtags used to denote certain words and concepts. If you follow this too much, however, your tweets are becoming unreadable.
  • Do offer useful information. Twitter is all about sharing useful information. You will gain followers if you provide information they want. Answer questions, post links to useful websites and retweet helpful posts.
  • Do credit someone when you retweet them. If you copy and paste a tweet from another user, and not giving any credit to author, it means you are stealing information (a tweet).

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What all measure you are practicing for making your twitter profile best? Do share with us.

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  1. Right points to follow Rajan. Promotional tweets will definitely create irritation for our followers.

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