September 26, 2017

8 Easy Ways to Keep Your Blog Interesting

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Do you want to make your blog fascinating, pertinent yet informative? Then this is the right place for you, here are 8 suggestions for keeping your blog energetic and informative.

Read everything you can in your area of expertise

Try to read about your subject as much as you can and always keep yourself updated with the latest trends in your market. It will help you to become an expert in your industry and can also provide you many great ideas for blog posts.

Share interviews on your blog

Interviewing other people at your blog is a good idea to keep you blog interesting. Their views, comments and suggestions can be of great help to make the blog informative & interesting.

Always reply to your readers comments

Replying to the comments of your blog readers is recommended as it directly connects you with the readers of your blog. Comments are the best way to form a discussion at your blog.

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Do not divert from your blog niche

Readers visit your blog in order to get specific information, so diverting from the blog niche can annoy your regular blog readers.

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Ask content ideas from your readers

If you are not sure as to what the readers would want, and then the best solution is to ask the readers themselves through a poll or a small questionnaire.

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Add testimonials and share success stories

If you are running a business blog, then you should add testimonials and success stories on your blog. It will help you to gain the confidence of your blog readers.

Always share useful books and resources with your readers

It will be great if you could share the useful resources with your readers like books, blog posts or even links to the other useful information. Be open Minded!

Make your blog looks good

The blog should appease the readers. It should be catchy, attractive and easy to look upon. Too much shine or contents on the blog can distract the readers.

What all steps you follow, to keep your blog interesting? Do share with us.


  1. Thanks for sharing these ideas bro, i have been implementing the comments replying idea from the day i started my blog. and i will try the other ideas like interviews soon.

  2. Pankaj Gupta says:

    The Cool Look and Original Contest are always good to keep your blog interesting. Thanks for sharing all other points. :)

  3. interesting insights but not somethings which do not come from a common sense… I liked the “interesting blog” picture a lot, though!

  4. I am glad that you liked it.

    Thanks for the comment. :)

  5. Well I generally stick to my niche and do not prefer going out of niche.

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