May 24, 2017

IPv4 Addresses are Emerging Towards Finishing Edge

Internet users are increasing at a very rapid rate due to which after sometime we will be running out of IPv4 i.e. (Internet Protocol Version 4) addresses. IP address is an address which is allocated to each and every device connected over the internet; it is just like as the unique address of each and every house in the colony.

What is the Problem?

The problem is that the currently IPv4 supports up to 232 addresses, which was thought to be enough previously, but with the revolution in the online media, we are quickly reaching at the end of the last address of this pool.


What is the solution?

Don’t Panic! A newer version of the Protocol i.e. IPv6 (Internet Protocol Version 6), will help us solving this problem. IPv6 supports 2128 (i.e. about 3.4 x 1038) addresses. Unfortunately, IPv6 protocol requires new hardware or updates to legacy hardware. In spite of the repeated efforts, the adaptation rate of IPv6 has been slow due to huge financial investments and general consumer apathy.

Updates about IPv6

Number Resource Organisation (NRO) has announced that less than 5% of the addresses now remain unallocated. On the other hand there is a good news too, IPv6 adoption has been increased this year by 70% compared to just 8% for IPv4.

On its part, Indian government requires all telecom and ISPs to update the protocols to IPv6 by the end of next year and wants to start using IPv6 by March 2012.

Are you ready for adopting IPv6?

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