October 18, 2017

5 Basic SEO Optimization Tips for Beginners

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, everybody is talking about SEO, even I am too talking about SEO. Do you know, why it is so important?, how you can do optimization? I will introduce you with the meaning, importance of SEO and few optimization tips for your blog.

SEO Questioning

Is SEO Important?

Ofcourse, SEO is very important for each and every website/blog. Nowadays SEO is known as the king of the internet world. With good SEO optimization, your blog’s rank on Google and other search engines could continue to rise. There are many SEO tips you can implement at your blog, but as I am considering you as a beginner, so first you should apply some basic tips of SEO.

Following are the few tips which will help you in better optimization of your blog:

Search Keywords : That Fits your website niche

It is very important to determine the keywords for your blog. Keywords must be matching with your blog’s theme or content. You can also use various online tools for finding keywords related to your blog. Don’t include irrelevant keywords, and do not repeat the same word in your keywords more than 3 times, otherwise it will be considered as “spam”.

Choose Perfect Domain Name

Domain name means the name of your blog, always try to choose a name which is easy to spell and easy to remember. It should be matching with the niche of your blog. For example, let us take the name of my own blog i.e. DreamBloggers, domain name consists of ‘Techy’ word which shows relevancy with the blog’s niche. Try to include keywords in the domain name itself.

Optimize title of Homepage of Blog

The best title for your blog is the title which contains keywords from your website. Use the most important keywords in the title. Follow the same with the title of your blog posts, they must be clear and should include few keywords for better SEO optimization. Avoid using long post titles.

Create a Description for your blog

While making a description, use all those keywords that are more effective and relevant to your blog. Your description must not be longer than 160 words, choose a description to be very informative.

Include Keywords in Your Post Content

Effectively use your keywords in your post content, mainly focus on the first 20-30 words, notice all the links, images, alt texts, etc.

Bonus SEO Tip : Images are also proved as best source of organic visitors i.e. From Yahoo, Google and other image searches. Concentrate equally towards the SEO optimization of your images.

These 5 basic tips are must to be implemented before submitting your blog to search engines. Next step is to keep updating your blog regularly and collect more and more backlinks to your blog.

If you have successfully done all the tasks, nobody can stop your blog from growing and rising its position in search engines. Good luck :)

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I am Rajan Balana, A Blogger from Rajasthan. I love playing PS2 and enjoy blogging.


  1. Wonderful blog Rajan, Hope it would be helpful for novice in SEO.

  2. Cool effective tips.

  3. Thank you for the Comment.

  4. Some nice tips for beginners

  5. Domain name has a lot of benefits and it will determine the future of your blog so be careful in buying a domain name.

  6. Yes You are right Bilal, thank you for the comment :) Welcome to DreamBloggers

  7. do you know how to increase traffic site .this is my site http://www.trucksfinderonline.com i worked on this from last two month but still i not got traffic why.guide me

  8. Really Nice tips…Best for beginners…SEO helps a lot to all site owners….

  9. Nice share bro. i have a question for all the webmasters http://www.techntricksonline.com/question-for-the-webmasters/.

  10. I Think we should keep on creating good content, share the content with people, in the mean time advertise your business with your content, as long as you don’t stop doing this, you will win over customers and search engines.

  11. The goal is to make a site easy to find, easy to follow, and easy to read for search spiders and live-visitors, with well written topical content and relevant incoming links. While basic SEO can be time consuming in the early stages, the results are worth the effort and set the stage for more advanced future work.

  12. hi, that was a lovely article on the seo,There is a huge list of SEO techniques that we can apply to increase the page rank and while doing the onpage optimization there are certain points which still plays an important role, like Content is the most important factor for SEO, Tital tags , meta tags and their description

  13. that was a nice article , it has a great explanation about the SEO. SEO is an art of increasing the PR by applying the various methods, but keep in mind friends there are some SEO’s who use the non ethical techniques to optimise their site in the search engines. Please don’t think that the crawlers are fools, they know what you are doing so do well.

  14. If you are a beginner and like to learn about SEO, you should start using any free SEO tool. Learn about its features by reading its guide; this will help you to build good understanding about SEO techniques. Apart from this, there are certain free online courses on SEO which can help you to learn SEO quickly

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