October 17, 2017

Hidden Secrets of Google

I think there is no human being in this world who do not  surf the internet and do not know Google, even robots knows Google. Google is so popular that it became a household name when you want to find out something “just Google it”. Do you know that there is some Google pages that are only known to some people. Today I’ve just stumbled to one of them and it made me keep on searching for some more.

Google secret

To all Google lovers and critics out there here is the compiled list of some hidden Google pages that are worth looking.

My favorite is the Google page that pays tributes to moms.

Google Moms

This is a page that pays tributes to the most important woman in our lives.

Google Beta Logo

A very rare Google beta logo.

Google Heart 1 & Google Heart 2

Google’s way of expressing love on valentines day.

Google’s Mentalplex

Google’s way of saying “April fool”. Try This one… and you must believe

9/11/01 Tribute

Google’s message to all people affected by the tragedy

Google’s Help To Build Better Query

Useful sets of Google searching tips from the makers themselves.

A cool real time collection of how people go wrong searching for Britney Spears

That’s too bad. Most of you Britney fans never even cared to know about Britney’s original spelling?

Not a Google page but worth a look.

I love this one. I’m glad were in the modern world

Have you seen these Google pages before ? I am sure never before. :)

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  1. dhanyavaad apka

  2. Hey thanks for this..btw what is the most stupid thing you watched on internet?

  3. Thank you for the comment :)

    The most stupid thing I have watched is the videos over youtube :)

  4. :) mukkula okkandhu picha edukara kamunaati :) . awesome ..

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