May 25, 2017

10 Best Printers for Super High Quality Photos

Printers come in all shapes, sizes, and specialties. You can purchase a large-format printer and enlarge your images up to 36 inches wide. Some monochrome office copiers can print over 100 impressions a minute. How about a great photo printer? Here is a list of ten photo printers which have been specially designed to give you the highest quality color prints.

1. Canon Pixma IP6000d [$329.95]

Canon Pixma IP6000D

The Canon Pixma allows you to print fantastic quality prints on legal sized paper. With the 4800x1200dpi resolution, you receive life-like prints. This printer uses 6 cartridges and can support transparencies, glossy paper, and envelopes. You have an LCD display at your disposal so you can detect your printer’s status in an instant.

2. Epson Stylus Photo R1900 [$549]

Epson Stylus Photo R1900

This printer is great for larger sized photos and small banners. It produces realistic images up to 4800dpi. The R1900 prints fine details with ease. There is a roll attachment so you can print up to 13×44″ banners. There are eight individual inkjet cartridges, each capable of spraying 1.5 picoliter drops onto your page. The Epson Stylus Photo R1900 is well worth the price.

3. Lexmark X7675 [$200]

Lexmark X7675

The color resolution of the Lexmark X7675 is 4800x1200dpi, making it an indispensable photo printing tool. Using the draft color mode, you can print 27 sheets a minute. There is an option to print using 6 colors. There are no cables with which to fumble, the printer is wireless and can print directly from your favourite mobile devices.

4. Epson Artisan 810 [$299.99]

Epson Artisan 810

Six color cartridges accentuate this high resolution photo printer, giving it the firepower to print beautiful portraits. It can print, copy, and scan your documents and print a high quality 4×6″ photo in ten seconds. You can print directly onto CDs and DVDs. This printer can be connected through Wi-Fi or Ethernet.

5. Canon Pixma Pro9000 [$370]

Canon Pixma Pro9000

You can print up to 13×19″ using the Canon Pixma Pro9000. A money saving feature of this printer is that you do not have to change out all of the ink cartridges when one of them goes dry. This is an excellent printer which will give you crisp, beautiful images. The Canon Pixma Pro9000 is used by professionals and amateurs alike.

6. Kodak ESP 9250 [$249.99]

Kodak ESP 9250

This all-in-one printer is excellent for duplicating lab quality images at a 9600dpi resolution. You can print as small as 4×6″ or as large as 8½x17″. You can print to the Kodak ESP 9250 directly from your iPhone with the Kodak Pic Flick application. You can scan photos at 2400dpi and print them from the photo tray.

7. HP B8550 Photo Printer [$299.99]

HP B8550 Photo Printer

With the Home Photo Center, you can print archival quality photographs and large size panoramas. Print up to sizes of 13×44″ in just a couple of minutes. You do not need to refill your printer as often, as this one comes with large capacity ink cartridges. Print on media up to .7mm thick, from photo paper to canvas.

8. Brother MFC-490cw [$120]

Brother MFC-490cw

The MFC-490cw can print your documents at 6000x1200dpi. You save money by changing only the empty cartridge. You have a 3.3″color LCD display to change your setting at a whim. You can save your precious memories on 4×6″ photo paper. You also receive a 1 year warranty with your purchase.

9. Canon PIXMA iP4820 [$99.99]

Canon PIXMA iP4820

Print out your documents at 9600x2400dpi using the Canon Pixma. Accepts many types of media, including high gloss, semi-gloss, and matte paper. Photos can be printed up to letter size. Print your documents directly from your favourite camera phone using the PictBridge technology.

10. Epson Workforce 1100 [$199.99]

Epson Workforce 1100

The Epson Workforce can handle nearly any type of media up to 13×44″. The resolution is excellent at 5760x1440dpi. Receive the best quality images with the five printer cartridges (2 black). The ink used for the Workforce is smudge and fade resistant.

Finding the perfect photo printer is difficult with all of the varieties from which to choose. When you choose a top-notch photo printer, you will be delighted with the quality of your images.

This is the  guest post by James Adams, a writer for one of the leading printer supplies stores where he reviews LaserJet cartridges and other print supplies.


  1. Kodak Printers ?, Brother , New Info for me. Thanks.

  2. I also own a Lexmark X series all-in-one..but it’s printing quality is really bad..and service is merely poor..the company people say they dont have cartridges of this model….I had an Epson for long time it is great…i recommend Epson and canon both are of good quality..

  3. Yes, I agree with you, Epson and Canon both are of wonderful quantity.

    Thank you for the Comment. :)

  4. i always prefer HP when it comes to printer as well as laptops. but i have a printer of RICOH a color printer. it works awesome.

  5. When it comes to quality of printout you get for your photo prints, its the canon who wins the race with amazing quality of prints.

  6. To avoid any trouble forget about HP All-In-One printers. You can look at HP site and see a lot complains.

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