October 18, 2017

Google's Goo.gl World's Fastest URL Shortener

Few days back, I updated you with the information about the public release of Google’s URL Shortener Goo.gl. You can even create QR Codes with the help of this service.

Google’s Claim

Google has claimed that it is the fastest URL shortener service in the market today, even faster than all other URL shorteners like bit.ly, ping.fm etc. You might be in doubt, how goo.gl is fastest? Is Google claim really good?

Tested Results by Pingdom

World’s most popular online website tool provider company, pingdom tested multiple URL shorteners including goo.gl and bit.ly. The results are raising hands towards the internet giant Google’s goo.gl URL Shortener service as the fastest, which is 3 times faster than bit.ly.

The above chart provides clear indication of average page load overhead per URL shortener, in which goo.gl has the least overhead beating all the other URL shorteners by miles and making its position at the top. Both goo.gl and bit.ly have 100% uptime service.

It’s good to see, Google is ranking at the top in most of its products, this is the reason I am getting more attracted towards Google Products, I love Google :)

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  1. I feel Google is best and wants to remain at top always..I had been using tinyurl since long time now i hav shifted to Google ones..It’s really a good service..thanks for sharing these facts..

  2. thats really great . its really fast .
    thanks buddy

  3. Google URL shortener is more loyal than others and it tracking original clicks to the links not like others.

  4. Absolutely, i truly agree with you…….

  5. Thank you for the Comment bro :)

  6. Hi Rajan,

    I agree, this is one of the best service providers

  7. so im jumping goo.gl :)

  8. Feedburner uses it. :)

  9. Well, it seems that goo.gl is gaining popularity.

  10. Google is best with whatever they do.

  11. Yes.

    Thank you for the comment :)

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