September 26, 2017

10 Most Helpful Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Google Chrome, a web browser by Google. Actually I use both Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, but my first preference is always Google Chrome. It renders the webpages in a very fast speed and all the Google products like Gmail, Orkut, Analytics, etc. works at lightning fast speed.

As Firefox is enhanced by its addons, same is in the case of Google Chrome, it is enhanced by Extensions ;). I have collected a list of Extensions which will help bloggers in making their blogging life easy. By installing all these Chrome Extensions, most of the required tools will be just a few clicks away.

google chrome extensions

Here is the list of such few Google Chrome Extensions, which every blogger would love to have a part of his blogging life:

Instant Gmail Checker

gmail checker

This extension keeps you updated with your Gmail Inbox on the go, just a single click will take you to your inbox.

Page Rank Checker

page rank

Kuber Page Rank Checker shows the Google page rank of the website as soon as it loaded. An icon will be shown in the upper bar of the Browser besides the address bar. Extra bonus is, when you click on the icon it will surprise you with the Alexa ranking of that website.

alexa ranking and pagerank

Google Reader Notifier

google reader

Reading feeds is the most important part of life of any blogger, feeds help you stay updated with all the latest happenings. Google Reader is a very popular feed reader. This extension will add an icon, by clicking on that icon it will show you the glimpse of latest updates in your feeds.

Split Screen

screen splitter

As the name suggest, split screen, it will split your screen browser in multiple parts. With the help of this extension you can enjoy simultaneous browsing of two sites on the same tab.



Share any webpage with your friends right from the page you are surfing. No need to open any other tab, just choose from the list and Spread the Love by Instant Sharing.

Twitter Bar

twitter bar

Addicted to Twitter! This extension helps you to keep tweeting without opening, current page name and url are automatically retrieved by this extension just press the tweet button.

Session Saver

session saver

By default, saving the current session feature is not embedded in Google Chrome, with the help of this extension you can save your current session. It will help you to save,manage and reload multiple sessions.

Facebook Notifier

facebook notifier

I am connected with all my other blogger friends with the help of Facebook, this extension helps me a lot to stay connected. A small icon displays the notification and by clicking on the icon, it will show the detailed updates of your friends. Link For Download

Google Dictionary

google dictionary

With the help of this extension, you can get meaning or definition of any word in a small pop-up bubble just by double clicking it. It also offers a address bar dictionary from which you can view complete definition of any word.

Chrome Pass

chrome password

It a small but most required password recovery tool that allows you to view the usernames and passwords which are stored by Google Chrome Browser.

Any Useful Extension is Missing or any suggestion ? Do share any other useful extension with us. :)

About Rajan Balana

I am Rajan Balana, A Blogger from Rajasthan. I love playing PS2 and enjoy blogging.


  1. Well thats a great list, can you suggest me an addon for firefox which can be used to manage my bookmarks efficiently.
    I am having a hard time managing them.

  2. thanks for sharing these cool extensions….i had never heard about Split Screen..will try..hope it saves some time…

  3. I am already using PR checker and split screen looks interesting as i can compare different sites same time.

  4. That’s good. Why not try other also ? and do let me know how they work for you :)

    Thank you for the comment :)

  5. That’ Good, I am happy that it will help in saving your precious time :)

    Thank you for the Comment :)

  6. Yes bro, I will surely Help you, you can find an addon at this link :

    Hope It will save your time :)

    Thank you for the comment.

  7. i used all the extensions.these are very helpfully for me.thanks for sharing mr.rajan

  8. Yes these are really useful plugins. But now I am enjoying Rockmelt browser :)

  9. Hello Pankaj,

    I have heard a lot about Rockmelt browser and will going to try it within few days. Till now, I would like to know your experience with Rockmelt browser? Do share with me.

    Thanks for the Comment :)

  10. Rockmelt is totally different browser. I can not express my feelings here. You will come to know once you will get invitation.. Good for facebook and twitter users.

  11. I have never tried Google Chrome with extensions mentioned above. Actually got no time to check the extensions since the Firefox itself rocks.

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