May 25, 2017

Make Money Blogging for Free

This is a guest post by Tanya, who recently created a site focusing on hacking tips. If you would like to write for us, Check Join Us Page.

Among the several ways to earn money online, blogging is the most lucrative job that could earn you handsome income without having to spend a dime. While hosting blogs in paid servers is a good idea to get a more professional look, it is always not necessary to invest in order to earn in the blogging arena.

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It is possible to own free blogs in platforms offered by or WordpPress. They still can help you earn good money. If you are a versatile writer and wish to blog on various niches, a free blog would be the ideal place to start with. Just register with the service providers and start blogging.

You can monetize your blog with money earning programs like the adsense and other affiliate programs. When a visitor clicks the links on your blog or makes a purchase in a product site, you will be earning money. Writing reviews of other websites and products is also a good way to earn quick money.

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While it is a bit difficult in the beginning to find buyers who would like to have their products or websites reviewed in your blog, brokers can help you find some, however, you will have to share a portion of your income with the brokers. Once your website popularity and page rank of your blog increases, you are likely to attract buyers on your own.

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  1. Hi Tanya, I am using affiliate products plus AdSense to make money from my blog and this combination works great for me. Along with these two I am selling my services using my blog and I am getting a good number of clients too. These are the ways that I am making money online

  2. I am still in a dilemma whether to monetize my blog or not!
    Please have a look at it and suggest me what should I do ?!

  3. Hey Thanks for the Query,

    I would like to suggest you to monetize your blog. But I have not monetized my blog upto a good extent. :)

  4. Thanks for the suggestion Rajan.
    I’ll see to it. 😛

  5. Ok bro :) Good Luck

  6. free blogging still cannot let you achieve good projects…but still it can make you a good amount after some time and Experience….Nice Post Tanya..saw ur site also it’s nice even i also have keen interest in Hacking

  7. Thanks Tanya for sharing :-)

  8. Making money through blogging is now not that easy. Daily 1 or 2 tech blogs are coming up and the eCPM is daily coming down for each site.

  9. tommysmith2 says:

    Previously this blog is hosted on 000webhost and itFree website with hosting didnt gave me errors and problems! But lately i thought i should transfer this blog to paid host! but im hosting sites there no problems at all!Website hosting review

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