October 22, 2017

10 Most Popular Antiviruses In The Market

With the advancement of age, technology has brought both many positive as well as negative changes in the society. In this age of computer and laptops, our day to day life is becoming highly dependent upon our computer machines. Most of the work is done on computer whether it is doing official work, school work, watching movies, playing games etc. But other than all these works there may be one more work going on in your computer i.e. Virus Attack!

We all use internet and download softwares, movies, documents and many more things (most of them are pirated) but we haven’t paid much attention towards the malicious files (which sometimes look like normal file but contains harmful code). While downloading files from torrents or any other downloading site, it may contain some harmful files which can damage your computer to a large extent.

To place ourselves on the safer side, we must use an antivirus. Here is the list of 10 Most Popular Antiviruses:

1.       Shield Deluxe 2011

Security Shield 2011 is powered by BitDefender. It will protect your PC and personal data from theft, making it worth considering. You can set your computer to update viruses weekly and run a complete virus scan. The system can be restored after malicious activity. It controls the status of the system registry and notifies users of any suspicious objects.

2.       Trend Micro Titanium 2011

Trend Micro Titanium 2011 is easy to install and have beautiful user-interface and excellent customer supports.

3.       Norton Antivirus 2011

Norton is the most popular antivirus which is developed by Symantec and it is capable of protecting your computers and mobiles with an efficient quality and capabilities.

4.       Panda Antivirus Pro 2011

Panda Antivirus Pro 2010 has very user-friendly interface, which is recommended for you. This antivirus focuses on good quality and performance.

5.       ZoneAlarm Antivirus 2010

ZoneAlarm delivers the best virus protection with significantly enhanced detection and removal capabilities. It design makes it easy for everyday user to secure their systems fast.

6.       ESET Nod32 Antivirus

ESET Nod32 antivirus is good in performance and it is strongly recommended. It tracks all your online activates wisely.

7.       Kaspersky Antivirus 2011

Kaspersky ranked #1 in the list of top 10 antiviruses. KAV2011 has the fastest performance, and it doesn’t affect your computer’s processing. It has extremely useful ability to protect your computer from offline as well online viruses, Trojans and worms.

8.       AVG Antivirus 2011

AVG is the most renowned antivirus and it is also available in free version. It has been known for years to be in top 10 antiviruses.

9.       Avira Antivirus 2011

It has been developed to be more effective, especially with its advanced technology. It is also fast in performance and stay updated with all the latest virus definitions.

10.   McAfee Antivirus

McAfee antivirus has one of the best firewall to increase the protection of your internet. It has real-time protection which is magically improved from the previous version.

Additional Antivirus (Which I use):

Microsoft Security Essentials

This antivirus is developed by Microsoft and I love this antivirus because it has the following features:

  • Work Silently (no disturbance at all)
  • Do not affect system performance.
  • No burden of Registration.
  • No Trail Versions.
  • Small size.
  • Works on Original Microsoft Windows (Beneficial for some people, Problem for some people)
  • Auto Scans on scheduled time.

Which antivirus are you using in your computer system? How it works? Do share with us.

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  1. great article rajan.we all know that time internet is full with virus so we must buy a good anti virus for our system.

  2. shashank chinchli says:

    Miscorosft essentiles works only if windows is genuine!
    it detects the fake windows so please add a small note there!
    good list dude:)

  3. i personally use AVG but recommend using MS Security Essentials.. if you have a original Windows do use MS Security antivirus…

  4. Thanks Shashank for the feedback, Actually I have written in the bracket that you need to have a genuine windows :)

    Have a Great Day!! Stay updated with us :)

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