November 23, 2017

Make Your Blog Content Beautiful & Readable

You might be worried, Even I am writing all the latest updates and frequent content on my blog. But I am not getting expected amount of response (visitors and comments). It  clearly indicates that there is some problem in your writing or there can be multiple factors responsible for it (like design, loading time, etc). But the more active reason for it is “CONTENT“.

If your blog content is unreadable, than it is leading you towards serious problem. Because a blog is nothing without its  beautiful content and simultaneously loyal readers. So the problem must be sorted out as soon as possible.

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Basically a simple key solution to sort out this problem is to improve your writing skills; it can be improved by various ways:

  • Read More – Learn More.
  • Write blog post maximum of 300-400 words.
  • Always divide it in paragraphs.
  • Online world is treasure, get trained in English online for free :)
  • Use effective Helping Plugins like : After The Deadline

Let me elaborate the topic in detail, how your blog posts can become readable:

Make a Concise & Meaningful title

Title of your blog post explains all the content inside the post, even without reading it. Always make your title catchy and attractive. It plays very important role in getting your readers involved in reading full blog post.

For example, if you are writing about “loosing your weight” than your title must be “How to loose your weight easily?” if its easy 😛

Write Introduction & Conclusion

It is a very beautiful practice, if you are first introducing briefly about your article, introduction hook your reader immediately as it is the first thing he sees.

Do make conclusion in the end of the post, generally conclusion involves your opinion about the post, don’t criticize any party. Always provide neutral opinion and personal recommendations (experience).

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Divide The Content

It is a good approach to divide your post into logical sections and use sub-headings to label divided content.

You can make use of HTML headers, <h1>, <h2>, Hh3>…. The larger the number of HTML tag, lower the rank of heading. Keep your headings parallel!

Pictures Say Lots of Words

Adding a relevant image to your content, it not only make your content beautiful but explains most part of your content and pictures are the best way to express feelings (emotions) :). Always add minimum of one image, it must be calm, beautiful and bring smile to the reader :)

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Make Use of Lists Wherever Possible

As I am student, I would personally recommend this to everyone, because my teachers always keep telling me “Please write your answer in points”. Because dividing/explaining your answer (article) in the form of points (lists) make it more easy and relaxing to read and you can score good marks (comment and visitors) too :)

Make Important Words/Lines Stressed

This point too deals with my study, while writing a solution (post) of 2-3 pages (excess words); it will be an awesome approach to underline the important lines. Same as in the case of article writing always underline or bold important lines for emphasis. It would be more preferable to make it bold, because underlining comes under the category of linking (links) over internet, make reader mistake it.

All the above measures will surely make positive impact over your blog content as well as on blog performance. After all:


If I have left any important measure, do share with me, so that I can also improve my blog content too :)

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I am Rajan Balana, A Blogger from Rajasthan. I love playing PS2 and enjoy blogging.


  1. And don’t forget – make fonts larger so it’s easier to read.

    White space, fonts, attractive bullet points…they all help.

  2. Yes I agree with your point. Thanks for adding it.

    Welcome to DreamBloggers :)

  3. thanks for nice tips..also try to give out personal experiences about the makes content look more genuine and makes reader feel for more comfortable..

  4. And don’t forget to comment on your comments. It’s very essential to have responses to your visitors’ answers and comments.

  5. You have exposed almost all things, I have a opinion that writing keyword rich articles brings huge amount of visits naturally from search engines without stress…

  6. i truely agree content is always been the king….


  7. I totally agree with you that content is the King and will always be :)

  8. What I think is having a brief conclusion of a topic will draws the readers attention and it will make them to comment on the issue been discussed.

  9. I am happy to find this post very useful for me, as it contains lot of information. I always prefer to read the quality content and this thing I found in you post. Thanks for sharing.

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