October 22, 2017

Got My New Facebook Email(Messages) ID Today

Few days, I have written about, Facebook is providing us an Email ID, which will be the part of our Facebook profile. On the first day only, I have applied for the invitation and Good News!!! Today I have got my new Mail(Messages) ID from Facebook i.e. rajanbalana[at]facebook[dot]com.:)

When I opened my Facebook Profile this morning, I was surprised by the option of upgrading my Facebook account for experiencing the feature of FB MESSAGE(MAIL).

Have a Look:

Facebook is assigning the email IDS to its users according to their username(think so). For e.g. if your username is yourname.number than your email id will be yourname.number@facebook.com. It means, you cannot choose the email id according to your own choice(in my case this happened) :(

Here is the screenshot of the moment:

Earlier the sending of messages was simply just with the profile of user, whereas now you can send message by using the email id of the person.

You can even invite 2 more friends to have them enjoying this feature of messages too. :)

It’s all about the Facebook Messages ID, I would like to ask from you.

Have you got your Facebook Messages ID? Do share your happiness with me :)

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  1. Hi Rajan,

    Past few days, i was reading a lot of blogs about facebook email ids, But still i dint get any info about this. What can i do to get my official facebook email id? Kindly let me know..

  2. Thanks for the Comment Thiru.

    Its very simple, you just have to apply for the invitation and facebook will automatically send you the good news about that you have got your email id.

    For applying for invitation check this : Facebook Invitation

  3. Wow nice, can I get an Invite!

  4. I would be very happy to give you an invitation, but unfortunately I don’t have any more invitations to send :(

    Thank you for the comment. :)

  5. Hello , I have also got my FACEBOOK email id today:)

  6. I’ve applied a long before, but didn’t get any reply yet. Ahh! :/

  7. Congrats Rajan….even i had applied it earlier but have not got it yet..i hope will get soon..

  8. This is great – people are really getting them already! Can’t wait to check it out!

    One thing I need to know is, are chats with former friends and-or blocked friends still in there? Thanks and have a good day!

  9. congo bro you got one

  10. I just request for the invitation but nothing action yet.

  11. nishant gemawat says:

    I did registered for face book email but till now i have not received my email.
    Can you please send me an invitation through your account.

  12. This is awesome… have fun with FB mail. or should i say ‘project titan’

  13. i am still waiting for mine :) hope will get soon

  14. congrats….can i get one too…..

  15. simon rajasingh says:

    i sent the invitation request last week . but i didnt get it ,, How long i m going to wait for that message id

  16. can u invite me the email, i still waiting for the
    invitation from facebook http://www.facebook.com/amancallamie

  17. After using the Facebook new messaging system, I have to say I’m rather impressed with how simple it is. Not entirely effective for business emails, but for casual emails, it’s great. It changes the importance of the message around, too. In traditional email, the individual message is key (ie you open up the message dated January 10th). In Facebook, more importance is placed on who is sending you the messages. There is no way to open (or delete) individual messages, only the entire thread from one person.

    Great stuff and can’t wait to see what they do next.

  18. I am using this new mail feature but am seriously pissed off with it.. The entire conversation with one person happens on one thread only, which means if ur previous conversation went wrong, ur subsequent mails are always a reminder

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