September 26, 2017

DreamBloggers First Giveaway | Hello Bar Invites – Retweet & Win

Today I am very happy to announce DreamBloggers’s “First Giveaway” i.e. the invitations of the most popular addon (code) Hello Bar. which will add a little bar on the top of your blog page. You might have noticed a change in my blog too, i.e. black colored bar is placed at my blog header, I have placed it with the help of Hello Bar only.

About Hello Bar

This plugin is developed by very renowned company “Digital telepathy”. This product is currently in private beta, so it is available only on invitation basis.

I am having 5 invites of Hello Bar and I am very happy to share all my invites with my blog readers.

Features of Hello Bar

  • Flexible in design.
  • Clicks, impressions, CTR can be tracked.
  • Just a game of small code.
  • Fast loading.
  • Best for promotion of product or any special event.

Grab The Hello Bar Invites

As this is my first giveaway, so I don’t want any messy jobs. What you have to do is to:



Please leave your Twitter Status URL here.  I would be very happy to announce the winners as soon as possible without any problem.

That’s it. :)

Results will be declared by Monday morning i.e. 29-Nov-2010. I will choose five random winners with the help of

I will be conducting more giveaways from now onwards, so you can subscribe our feeds to get quick updates regarding these.

About Rajan Balana

I am Rajan Balana, A Blogger from Rajasthan. I love playing PS2 and enjoy blogging.


  1. Hello, great giveaway !
    Twitter Status :
    followed you @rajanbalana by @hopetoearn 😉
    Hope To Win !

  2. Followed and retweeted. Hope I win.

  3. Thanks Saksham for Participating.

    All the Best !

  4. Bro Please specify your Twitter status URL too :)

  5. Best of Luck Crunchynow :)

    Thank you for participation.

  6. Great!! All the best :)

  7. Thanks for participating.

    Best of luck for the result :)

  8. Thanks Navjot, for completing the optional requirements.

    Best of Luck! :)

  9. That’s Great!!

    Best of Luck Amandeep!!

  10. Naman Pandey @ MDL says:
  11. Tweeted

    & followed you

    Hope to get an invite

  12. Hey Bro, Count me in !! U Doin A Great Job !!

  13. I will be very happy if I win this.
    Here is the status.!/kothapallyarun/status/8563560976220160

  14. Hi Rajan…this looks great. Thanks for letting me know. I am participating. Here is the link to my status update –

    All the best :):)

  15. Done it all bro, I am in !!

    Thanks for contest

  16. Thanks for participation :)

    Please provide the Tweet URL too. Thanks again

  17. Hello Mr Dream Blogger , I saw ur blog on yesterday itself. Lots stuffs here.

    Anyway me too tweets this posts, joined on ur fb page too :)

    this is ma twitter status!/enewsz/status/8561113071362048

  18. Hi Rajan,

    Good you are starting contest in your blog. here is my twitter status!/techiesblog/status/8584434701832192

    Thanks for Sharing

  19. Good Giveaway. I too tweeted..

    & I am also running a giveaway for Rockmelt Browser. 5 Invitations.. Those who have not yet got the invitation can participate..

  20. Really I was looking for this type of plugin…
    Tweet Tweet

  21. Thanks for your contest, I have done my contribution…

  22. Thank you for the participation Vijay. Please provide the Twitter URL Here :)

  23. I really could not understand what is Hello Bar and its benefits.

  24. Bro , Have you noticed a black color bar at the top of my blog? written with “Join DreamBloggers”. That message is shown with the help of HelloBar.

    If any more queries, do let me know :)

    Thank you for the comment

  25. i have done the things, count me in as well Please!/techperk/status/8937748492713984

  26. Harneet Singh says:
  27. i think the contest is closed now, i will try later on…..

  28. I have missed that opportunity. That was a good contest.

  29. If any one needs Hello bar invites then Dohack is giving away,Grab it soon.
    Dohack First Giveaway: 5 Hello Bar Invites
    @Rajan I hope you don’t mind promoting my site.

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