May 25, 2017

Make Your Blog/Website Green & Environment Friendly : Save Earth

Yes the title of the article absolutely correct, you can make your website green and environment friendly. As a blogger/webmaster running a blog/website is not our duty, putting all the efforts for saving the earth from the disasters is also a prime duty of human.You might be wondering “How I can make my website Green?” I have the answer to your question. You can do it with the help of Online Leaf.

Online Leaf

TheĀ Online Leaf project develops and marketsĀ green website additions, which are easy to use on any website. It is a CO2 neutral website, neutralizing our CO2 footprints and making the use of our engines, as environmentally friendly as possible.

Unbelievable Fact

How much CO2 do you emit, when surfing the web? Every minute a thousand visitors spend browsing a website an average of about 1.2kg of CO2 is emitted into our atmosphere.

Now, that is not a very large number individually for a website, but if you consider the amount of time you spend on the internet along with everyone else also counts.

How it works?

The standby engine is a project developed to reduce power consumption, when generating and displaying a website, without changing user experience while using the website. This is done by covering the site in a stationary, black color, which hides visual effects making the visitor’s computer use less energy generating and displaying these.


When you implement it, It will work in a very beautiful manner. For example, I have opened your website but I am not using it for a long time, then this utility will place a black color banner written over the page with “Move your mouse to go back to the page”. When you go back to page and move your mouse, site will come back. Actually it will save energy because the colors which are implemented on the site consumes lots of energy of your monitor invisibly but the black color consumes a small amount of energy in comparison with all other colors. In this manner the energy will be saved!

If you are using WordPress, you can download the plugin : OnlineLeaf


Other Users

You can also install the standby engine by copy & pasting the following code into the <head> tag on your website.

The script uses jQuery, so if you are using other Javascript libraries with it, make sure to add.


at the bottom of the <head> tag, to avoid conflicts.

Only one Tagline from today

Are you a Green Blogger?

DreamBloggers is a Green & Environment Friendly Blog, Are you making your blog/website Green & helping in saving earth? Do let me know.

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I am Rajan Balana, A Blogger from Rajasthan. I love playing PS2 and enjoy blogging.


  1. will try this one for sure :)

  2. my blog already green blog. :)

  3. Really cool post your blog provides nice info. :)

  4. Cool post…we must also take part in and contribute to the cause of Global Warming :)

  5. I’ll make my blog green. :)

  6. hahaha… :-)

    i too recommend bloggers to use this energy saving mode

  7. thanks for sharing this plug-in…I just made my new site Energy Saving..

  8. Hey Rajan, this is really wonderful article. Well, I am gonna make my blog green now. Thanks for sharing.

  9. Enercy saving is a good plugin but sometime it conflict with my some javascript plugin.

  10. Nice post. I have heard of calculation of about how Google can save energy i it wants to.
    The concept was that google has background color as white. And if they just make their background color black, they can contribute lot to saving energy.Though a black google wont look good.

  11. Nice pledge, Go Green…..

  12. This is good stuff, rajan… blackle works on the same principle too

  13. This is very intelligent, but it may be optional because when visitor of webpage reading a page then page go black, may annoying.

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