September 24, 2017

Google’s Steps Against Copyright-Infringement

Google has shown its tough face towards kicking out the pirated content holding websites out of Adsense.

From the official Google’s Public Policy Blog, Google said it’s taking a stricter action against piracy on its own sites and the sites of its partners.

Kill Piracy

Google says it is receiving a growing number of copyright request to take content down and will now act on these requests within 24 hours. The search giant is in the process of building tools to improve submission process for DMCA requests, particular with Google’s blogging platform blogger and search engine.

New Steps to be taken

  • Ensure that autocomplete doesn’t fill in words that are closely related to search for pirated content.
  • Experiment to make “authorized content” more readily available in search results.
  • Will improve Adsense anti-piracy review.
  • Act on reliable copyright takedown requests within 24hours.

According to Google, these changes will be rolled out in next few months.

Looks like Google is tightening its back against piracy and it will surely affect the web of piracy spreader over the internet.

Source: Google Public Policy Blog

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  1. I think good move by Google. Thanks for sharing the info.

  2. looks like Google has came up in mood to cancel many Adsense accounts..but still this move is good for Anti-Piracy..

  3. Its a good move :)

  4. Cool news…

    thanks for sharing…..

  5. Good move by google. But the pirated contents are the best revenue generators too.

  6. Piracy will never end one of the main reason is we people will never stop downloading pirated songs etc on internet lac of people download songs everyday from even when google De rank it ….it will continue to drive huge direct traffic….and earn from adds from third parties so until one is earning hell lot of money through piracy then who cares.

  7. Hi Rajan
    Did you disable comments on a few posts.
    I think I wasn’t able to locate the comments section on hosting post.

  8. No I haven’t disable the comments on hosting post. It might be due to some problem in the loading phase of the website.

    BTW Thanks for the comment :)

  9. @himanshu i agree with your point…by the way thanks

  10. Finally, someone has set the ball rolling. Good move Google!!!

  11. This is really a nice move from Google Side. Appreciate it!!

  12. Google always implement new technology as recently Google launched voice search and image search by dragging it.

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