October 17, 2017

A Family Favourite Brand “FACEBOOK”

Facebook is growing in popularity as a “Family” brand, research has revealed.

Social networking site Facebook has emerged as a ‘Family Favorite Brand

The social networking site has surged up the rankings from 69th to 43rd overall in online research into more than 100 recognized family brands.

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Researchers said the website had “strong” showings in the “socially responsible” and “good listeners” category in the poll of 1,531 people conducted in October.

By comparison, Twitter, the micro blog social media site, gained only one place in the rankings from 93rd to 92nd in the 2010 Family Brands report, now in its second year.

The findings were revealed by advertising agency Isobel in association with polling organization YouGov.

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The report has been published after Facebook announced in July that more than 500 million people have joined the site, almost 8% of the world’s population. In May, Facebook announced “simplified” privacy settings to appease concerns over safeguarding users’ information.

Tom McJennett, Isobel digital director, said

“As social networks mature, their role and usage is becoming more defined. Enhanced by its more sensible privacy settings, Facebook seems increasingly to be the place to stay in contact with friends and family, and enhance those real world relationships.”

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  1. Hi,I however believe that things may change. Who’s to say 10 years from now there won’t be something bigger and better.

  2. Facebook’s popularity has risen exponentially in last 2 years, almost defeating orkut and even myspace to some extent. And hence, you can see many marketers taking huge interests in promotion on Facebook. Long live Facebook.

  3. Not at all surprising to me.. FB has become a phenomenon with people all over the world… :)

    I don’t think any site has the potential to become the next Facebook for years to come…

  4. You are right Amandeep, I agree with you.
    Thanks for the comment.

  5. Yes, Facebook has grown in very short period of time.
    Thanks .

  6. Span of 10 years is very long, no one knows how the things may change with time,but here the point is that facebook has become popular in a very short period of time and it is not easy to gain this much of popularity in only two years.

  7. bro check favorite spelling

  8. Thanks for the feedback bro,
    I have checked Microsoft Word and Wikipedia, it is correct spelling according to British accent. In my opinion both the spellings are valid, what do you say ?

  9. Saurabh Prasad says:

    Facebook is really wonderful, I love facebook :)

  10. Now most people know Facebook, even a child.

  11. Rajan,
    That’s true Facebook is family brand now, and its still growing virally. And Indians are top 2nd users of facebook worldwide http://bit.ly/cW0LlH

  12. New Facebook update – Timeline is awesome. I just love it

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