October 19, 2017

20 Blogs and Bloggers You Must Follow On Web

Blogging is an amazing job, but handling this job is little bit a tough task. As blogging is all about providing killer stuff to your readers, but without keeping ourselves updated it become impossible to manage a blog.

In my opinion blogger and its blog is a dynamic society, while practicing blogging you need to learn about the changing environment of the blogging industry. It can be best learned from the experienced bloggers. Twitter and Facebook plays a crucial role in keeping an individual updated and stay connected.

While following a small core of bloggers from the onset can be effective way to grow your Twitter presence. There are many prominent and interesting bloggers over the web that you can follow. I welcomes you to comment and suggest others that should be included in this list.

List of Bloggers – Their Blogs, Owners(Founders) and Twitter Accounts

After following all the above bloggers and geeks, If you would like to follow me and my blog, you can follow me 😛 at @rajanbalana & @dreambloggers.

While preparing the list, if I have missed any important blogger, Please feel free to add them via comments. :)

About Rajan Balana

I am Rajan Balana, A Blogger from Rajasthan. I love playing PS2 and enjoy blogging.


  1. Great.. Most of them are new for me. I will have to see them all.. Thanks for sharing..

  2. some other blogs which i found missing here are :

  3. Thanks for list. Following u all on twitter.

  4. thanks for the list am already following some of them but Indian blogger’s are new to me .

  5. Great post …I follow many of them :)

  6. SmartAboutThings says:

    Can’t wait the day when I will become a blog that needs to be followed :)

  7. Great List………
    I am following all Indians in the list ….. :)

  8. Wow… nice list.. i already know them.. but nice to see all of them in a Group.. :) keep it up

  9. Nice list and yes they must be followed to become successful in blogging because blogging is not an easy task,ask these famous bloggers how much they did the struggle to become successful.

  10. thanks for sharing it Rajan..i didn’t knew many of them…

  11. Great lists not only to learn blogging, SEO related tips, But these sites are worthwhile to get numerous back link ,traffic etc… since all blogs are high traffic flow blogs.
    Thanks for a Great list…

  12. well following most of them… will check others from the list….

  13. thanks for sharing :)

  14. thanks for list.i will follow all the bloggers……………..

  15. sad that i missed the list

  16. I’ve always been inspired by how 3 Peters always makes it into these lists 😀
    I guess i had better start working so i can fill the 4rth slot then xD

  17. Here is the Feedback:-
    Don’t place buysellads in posts. Also optimize the BSA ad in header for small screens…also align post thumbnails to left its good for user to browse n also SEO point of view….

  18. Nice to see Darren Rowse and Brian Clark in the list… m a big fan of these guys.
    Will check out others too.

  19. Thanks a lot for the cool list mate! Its really important for us bloggers 😀

  20. Worthy list of successful bloggers.
    I am inspired from Shoutmeloud.

  21. Still on the top spot is Darren Rowse. Now, he is considered as a guru in blogging. Many pioneer and newbie bloggers idolize him so much because of his achievment.

  22. Rajan – Great list man. Following influential bloggers, particularly bloggers in your field is an effective way to cut through the learning curve and reach your goals faster.

    I like your list but if I could add anybody it would probably be Kimberly from just-ask-kim. Her website is full of great tips and you can tell she knows here stuff and she really wants to help you succeed.

  23. Hello John,

    Thanks for your comment and appreciation. I Would love to add Kim in the list, Please add it via comment, with link and website name. :)

  24. Hello Cole,

    I agree with your views, Darren Rowse is an awesome blogger. I also consider him as my idol.

    Thank you for the comment. :)

  25. Hello Shariq,

    Harsh Aggarwal is really a wonderful blogger, I love his style of marketing as well as blogging.

    Thank you for the comment :)

  26. Hello Pubudu,

    Thank you for the comment and appreciation. :)

  27. Hello Rajesh,

    Thank you for the comment.

  28. Hello Sarvanshu,

    Thanks for the feedback. As per your suggestion, I had removed the ad slot from the post. Will implement other too. Thanks once again for the feedback :)

  29. Hello Peter,

    I would be waiting for you to come in the 4th place not in 4th but at the first place above all the peters. Good Luck and be consistent & Hard working. :)

    Thank you for the comment

  30. Hello Praveen,

    Don’t be sad. I would love to keep you in the list, But it was of 20 people :(. I would surely include in the next generated list, you are really a hardworking and positive blogger. Cheers!!!

    Thank you for the comment. :)

  31. Hello Gagan,

    Thank you for the comment. :)

  32. Hello esofload,

    Thank you for the comment :)

  33. Hello Vijay,

    Even I was not aware about all these benefits. Thanks for sharing with our readers.

    Thank you for the appreciation. :)

  34. Hello Rohit,

    I am very glad that now you are aware about the new milestones(bloggers) in the blogging world :)

    Thank you for the comment.

  35. Hello Jagan,

    Thank you for the comment and welcome to DreamBloggers :)

  36. Hello Jasir,

    Thanks for the comment and appreciation. :)

  37. Hello Avi,

    Thank you for the comment and welcome to DreamBloggers :)

  38. Thanks for the comment and Best of luck from my blog and my side. Waiting to see you soon in the list. :)

  39. Great list…but you missed my name in the list…LOL..Kidding 😛
    Anyways, thanks for such useful list. Keep writing ;0

  40. Hello Akshay,

    Thank you for adding and sharing other blogs with our readers. :)

  41. Hello Pankaj,

    Thank for the comment and appreciation :)

  42. Hi Rajan,

    I love it muaah :)

  43. Thanks for the mention mate. The list is awesome. Cheers. :)

  44. Nice list…..really a must to follow them all….

  45. Except a handful few, I notice many out of my list of favorites. Have just bookmarked this page, will be returning to check them all out.
    thanks rajan

  46. thnaks for sharing it, you forget to add techpp and nimarltv in that list. they are the big blogs of india with 1+ million visitors per month

  47. Wow Amaizing list and i liked it much. I will surely follow them.

  48. you have missed me :)



  49. Would have loved to feature in this list… Although we are a group of bloggers focusing on academics in business management..
    nice job though..

  50. thanks for this list. i’ve been a follower of most of these people and i’m learning a lot from them. more power!

  51. great list of blogger, i am now following all of them…

  52. Thanks for sharing the urls of top blogs :)

  53. I read copyblogger and problogger daily, these blogs are the cream in the blogosphere and i am headed to join the list. 😀

  54. ha ha ha , lolll what a love :p

  55. I mostly read Tech Crunch, Mobile Crunch, Engadget and Amit Bhawani. I want to add one more to the list for your readers – my friend Raju’s techpp.com – the leading Indian tech blog. And by the way I am also closing in with my “DiGi-PASSION”…ha ha
    Thanks for the list anyway….

  56. thanks for the nice information, they all blogs are very informative..
    I have found http://www.techiemania.com it is also a good blog.. I read this blog daily…Harsh Agrawal also good blogger…

    Thanks mate..

  57. its good to see Indian bloggers are growing faster…

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