May 25, 2017

10 Simple Google Search Tricks

I use Google more than 50 times a day, same you might be doing. In my thinking, starting of the internet is from Google and end of the internet will be at Google. Today I will be sharing some tricks for getting better search results.

Google Search

1. Use the “site:” keyword to limit searches to a particular site. It’s easy because many site’s built-in search tools don’t return the results. To look for search results in Follow like this “”.

2. Use Google as a spelling aid. Entering a word into Google is a quick way to see whether the spelling is correct or not. If the spelling is wrong Google will suggest you the right spelling.

3. Use Google as a calculator. Google has a built-in calculator – try entering in this manner 110*(23/54+9). Typing your calculation into the browser’s search box is quicker than using the calculator app.

4. Find out what time it is elsewhere. If you want to make sure that you’re not phoning someone in the middle of night. Just search for “time” and then the name of the city.

5. Get quick currency conversions. Google can also do currency conversions, for example 200 pounds in dollars. However you will be out of luck if you are trying to see how many pounds dollar conversion might be.

6. Use the “OR” operator. This can be useful if you are looking at researching a topic but you are not sure which keywords will return the better results. you can try two different keywords and the results will be shown accordingly.

7. Exclude specific terms with the “-“ operator. If you are looking for information about Indian Idol and you don’t to get results mixed with the American Idol you could try “Indian Idol” – American Idol.

8. Search for Specific document types. If you are looking for PowerPoint files about Mechanical Sciences. You can try in this manner “Mechanical Sciences filetype:ppt”.

9. Search within Numerical Ranges. To look information about Olympic events that took place in 1950’s, you could use this search : “olympics 1950..1960”.

10. Area Code Lookup. Need to know the area code of any city. Google will help you to let you know which area code you are searching for and also show you on map.

Do you use any other trick? Do share with us :)

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