September 24, 2017

How to Make Your Blog- A Mobile Compatible Blog?

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Mobile Technology has been advanced to an infinite level and is growing each day. If any blogger wants to succeed in blogging, he doesn’t have the courage to ignore mobile users. According to the stats 1 out of 10th of your visitor is from a iPhone or a smart phone. That is the reason it becomes important to make your blog mobile friendly to attract the readers that surf from their mobiles and other handy gadgets.


Here, we will provide you with some tips that can help you to turn your WordPress blog into a mobile friendly Interface.

These are some Plugins that can help you in your task specially designed for this purpose.


A Plugin that can develop mobile themes and helps you convert your WordPress blog into a user-friendly site when viewed from iPhone, iPod, Android, Blackberry Touch and many more handy gadgets.This plugin offers you both free as well premium themes that you can use on your blog.


WordPress MoFuse Plugin is a free option to turn your WordPress blog into a user-friendly mobile compatible blog. MoFuse helps bloggers to display their RSS Feeds to the visitors. Most of the bloggers are using this plugin as it is easy to install and use.

WP Mobile Edition

This Plugin has a nice feature that it shows you the interface created for any mobile gadget. Applied Smartphone’s browsers are detected by default and a user can select the any one from the options in the list of the browsers that best suits him.

WP Touch

WPTouch is a plugin that offers special themes for the visitors approaching to your blog from Mobiles and other portable gadgets. It transforms your blog into a web application experience when your blog is accessed from iPod or iPhone and many other. It comes with a high quality  administration panel from where you can edit all your basic features to be added on to your blog.

Mobile Press

This plugin is a very awesome and easy to use. It supports to add your own mobile compatible theme, just you have to find a theme and place it in the specified folder. It provides you with the direct link for accessing your blog in the mobile format. DreamBloggers itself is using this plugin. For our mobile version just check:

Which plugin do you prefer to make your blog mobile compatible? Do share your opinion with us.


  1. Search engine giants planning to provide most possible search results by mobile technology, One live example is Google instant has been launched for android Ios devices recently, So no one can avoid traffic over modern mobile technology.

    I am using “Mobile Press” Plug in to provide excellent user experience for my visitors.

    Thanks for a wonderful share…

  2. I know only about Wp Touch.
    Thanks for telling about others.

  3. Nice Share…I have used Mofuse before…will try others..

  4. Hi Harneet,

    Very good info, any reviews on those plugin. It is good to know how it works

    Thanks for Sharing

  5. Great share….

  6. Harneet Singh says:

    Hello Vijay.
    You are right, no one can ignore the traffic from mobiles. You are using a great plugin, mobile press is awesome.
    Thnx for the comment and Keep visiting :)

  7. Harneet Singh says:

    Hello Shariq. Wp touch is also a great plugin. Do give a try to others also.
    Thnx for the comment and keep visiting :)

  8. Harneet Singh says:

    Hello rohit.
    That’s a great decision to try other plugins also. Do tell us your personal experience with other plugins.
    Thanks for the comment and keep visiting :)

  9. Harneet Singh says:

    Hello Imran,
    all plugins are awesome at their own places. It all depends on your personal tastes that which plugin you use.we personally use mobilepress and wp-touch.
    Thnx for the comment and keep visiting :)

  10. wow….way to go for mobile blog in blogging…..

  11. i am not using it but heard most positive review of mobilepress… will try it in future….

  12. These service isn’t free. And I have no money to try it :(!

  13. Great Info
    Mobile friendly is definitely the way to success!
    Thank you for this article! Very helpful!

  14. Well! I found it the best Post that I have gone through.
    This is something really interesting. thanks For Sharing

  15. This is really great steps which can help any body to make the blog compatible with mobile..I am glad to see such useful plugins..I will definitely use them and share my experience with all..Thanks for sharing the information..

  16. I have used MobilePress for my blog to make it through as mobile site but that is consuming more bandwidth for my blog on to any mobile phone than the normal blog. Don’t know reason why. Could you explain?

  17. Great list. Thank you!

  18. Thanks alot , I never knew there are so many options i am going for Mobile Press , it the simplest and the best i guess :) thanks again

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