October 22, 2017

How Revolution of Blogging Changed Our Culture & Lifestyle?

In this fast growing world, technology has kept the most part of the world online. Earlier the time was when you read news written on piece of paper and wait for it to arrive at your house door. Now you are getting all the news updates on the go, no need to wait for getting it published in the next morning newspaper. However technology has revolutionized the concept of publishing so much, that now you can simply publish your article within seconds of clicking a button.

Evolution of Blog & Blogging

The word “Blog” was not even understood in the time of 1980s. Many networking websites have given power to raise the concept of blogging. The word “Blog” was rooted from the word “Web-Blog”, which is shorted to blogging in order to make things simple.

Blogging has taken birth in 1990s and was introduced by Internet Giant “Google”. Google initiated the revolution of blogging by launching its blogging platform named as “Blogger.com”. The word ‘Blog’ was introduced by Peter Merholz in 1999 and is therefore, a shorter version of the word “Web-Blog”. Previously the blogs were written in the form of personal diaries, to record their daily life happenings.

Scope Of Blogging

However, the face of blogging is totally changed to a very broad conceptual face, which cannot be identified from any side. People who run blogs are now entertain a large seat of audience. Even Readers can follow their favorite blogs and get all the updates directly to their inbox.

You can find all types of blogs whether it is blog of politics, Bollywood, celebrities, technology, food etc etc. Free blogging websites such as WordPress and blogger are an inexpensive way for blogging to post their updates and reach to a huge audience.

The most attractive thing is that not all people are interested in writing content, but they are fond of reading. So they tend to regularly follow their favorite blogs and make comments on them.

Corporate Sector in Blogging

The corporate sector is also taking part in blogs to market their products, services and ventures. Their blogs are just like forums where they can interact and attract a huge market of their targeted audience. Blogging and blogs are proved as the best way to do marketing and socializing the products.

Today almost any individual can initiate blogging with even investing a single penny and without any computer knowledge. Just hit the publish button and your article will go live over the internet. Free blogging platforms offer huge package of features like adding themes, gadgets, new fonts and much more. You can easily embed images and videos to your article to make it more attractive and appealing.

Role Of Social Network in Blogging

The spice of social networking websites like Facebook, orkut etc has added a new taste to blogging. It has become very easy to make your blog getting exposure at huge audience. Facebook has collected over 500 million users. What are you thinking? Yes Facebook is having huge stage audience, VERY HUGE!!!

Money From Blogging

Blogging world is not restricted to these features only; you can make money through your blog too. All you have to do is to place ads besides your articles and collect money in your pocket.

My View About Blogging

The world of blogging would not only make you tempted to use it but also make you addicted to it. Your blog reflects who you are, your personality and your preferences. Even while blogging it has changed my life too, sometimes I wonder how internet (web) is spreading at such a fast rate. :)

Your Views Please

How blogging has changed your life? Do share your experiences with us. I would love to hear your experiences. :)

About Rajan Balana

I am Rajan Balana, A Blogger from Rajasthan. I love playing PS2 and enjoy blogging.


  1. RinatisDinoro says:

    It didn’t change my way of viewing life pretty much but it changed my way of viewing business and I must admit I took veridic knowledge out of this!

  2. I will agree with you to some extent. Although blogging changed my view about the business and entrepreneurship today, it has no effects on my lifestyle. I am still the same person and I will always remain the same person.

  3. Not so much my life, but it certainly changed my view of the internet, and gave me more of a reason to be on it.
    My favorite part is being able to go to someone and say, i network on a website other than facebook. (and they look confused) That’s how much it’s changed.

  4. Nice post.

  5. the scope of blogging has always been large but many a times people don’t get it right and fails to realize…..

  6. I love blogging.

  7. Blogging changed my life, Now I proud to be a blogger, Along the way I learned so many lessons about How to blog?, What to blog?
    Your expressions about blogging is wonderful…

  8. Hello Vijay,

    I am glad to know about your experience with blogging.

    Thank you for the comment and appreciation. :)

  9. blogging is always a fun and at present i’m in the queue of becoming pro-blogger. have to admit blogging has changed my life

  10. Blogging Rocks!!!!!!! I like blogging and started it 3 months ago. But no Visitors to my blog that is my main problem.

  11. Nice post.I will agree with you to some extent.

  12. Hello bibin,

    Thanks for the comment. :)

  13. blogging future is really bright and the people interest in blogging is also increasing day by day.

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