May 25, 2017

Fulfill Your Dreams With HP DreamScreen 400 [Review & Price]

Few Days ago, I came across an advertisement on TV which was about a product of HP, HP DreamScreen. I was carefully observing the Ad and I thought of checking about it on internet, immediately I checked it on internet. I found it really amazing, HP DreamScreen is beneficial both for geeks and teens too. So I thought of writing a review about HP DreamScreen 400 for our readers.

HP DreamScreen 400

HP DreamScreen is an advanced Touchscreen Desktop Computer which is furnished with Linux Based Operating system. The screen of the DreamScreen is very sensitive and responsive. It fulfills all the needs of a basic personal computer (not a full PC indeed). Its Touchscreen provides easy accessing of all the features with the need of few touches only.

HP DreamScreen 400

HP DreamScreen 400

Features of HP DreamScreen 400

  • 18.5 inches Wide Touchscreen Display
  • Linux Based OS
  • Ethernet Port, SD card slot, headphone and microphone slot
  • Built-in speakers
  • DVD-ROM, webcam
  • Wi-Fi Connectivity
  • 480p definition video playback
  • Processor is powered by Intel (may be atom processor)
  • Pre-loaded internet apps like email, browser, games etc.
  • On-screen keyboard feature
  • All internet devices like USB Broadband works well on it.
  • Wired keyboard can be attached.

HP DreamScreen can be purchased at Rs.19000/- (approx.) or $431.81.

Do let us your views about this phone. We would love to hear from you :)

If you find any wrong or incomplete specifications, Please provide us the feedback. Our efforts are always to provide full and correct HP DreamScreen 400 specifications, there can always a possibility of admitting a mistake.

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  1. Great review Rajan. I too have seen the advertisements on TV on the HP DreamScreen and didn’t think too much of it. However, your detailed review on all of the features makes more curious and want to try it out.

    I have always wanted a touch screen desktop computer, but I think $431.81 is a little to expensive for me right now. This is something I would definitely be interested in getting in the future though.

  2. Now HP also comes up to compete with iPad and Samsung
    Galaxy….Just had saw Ads of it on TV looks interesting..

  3. It looks amazing, but I think the inclusion of Linux is a
    big bummer. Sure, supporting Open Source is a good thing, but it
    will mean a lot of incompatibilities with existing software and

  4. Satyender Kumar says:

    If you want to more about the Dreamscreen 400-52 with live demo please visit Pacific Mall Ghaziabad U.P.

  5. Dear HP consumer.

    This is Simon Henry, I have buy this HP dream screen 400 desktop PC from Mumbai on February 20th and bring it to my home town in Kerala. When I start the PC, it’s on for 2 hrs the PC got shut down and never re start. After I reported the service center, they have sent one technician who say the hard disk is burn out and need to replace. It took one month to receive the hard disk from service center and replace, this occur the same problem (Not getting start). The technician called his service center and said within 4 days the whole PC unit will be replaced HP consumer. Now it’s almost 2 month and the PC is waste in my home no response from Service center and consumer. It’s really disgusting everyday due to loss of Rs 21,000.00 in just few hrs. Why HP are selling this PC which is use for nothing. Please arrange to send the refund of this PC as there is no dream I see on it.



  6. Guys if any if you are planning to buy an HP Dream Screen, I would seriously consider you to scrap the whole idea. Though the company shows all the exiting features, its just a waste of money. I found no use of it other than the web browser. No games can be installed. File formats supported are very less. Pre-installed games on the computer is really disgusting. If you want to buy ine for your five year old kid, go ahead and order one. Else i feel its just a waste of money.

  7. Faizan Naqvi says:

    Hey guys I m planning to buy touch pc but I m not sure which company is best in the market, is buying touch pc is worthy enough??

  8. I saw this Dream screen 400 in kollam Kerala with XP as the OS .But from the net it is seen that only Linux as the OS and Hindi as another language etc Can I use this as a normal Desk top pc with touch screen?

  9. HARISANKAR says:

    sir, could u specify any hp delear’s contact details in trivandrum??
    We would like to buy one for doing a project

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