May 25, 2017

Sleek & Powerful MacBook : Apple MacBook Air 11-Inches [Price, Review & Specifications]

Apple is my favorite brand in the field of laptops as well as mobile phones. I love the quality standard of Apple, Recently I came across a beautiful notebook from Apple, Apple MacBook Air. This MacBook is of 11-inches with sleek, compact, awesome beauty and with amazing performance too 😛

Apple MacBook Air 11-Inches

Apple MacBook Air 11-Inches

Salient Features of Apple MacBook Air 11-Inches

  • Flash Memory Data Storage ability of 30 days.
  • Multi-Touch Trackpad without any extra buttons.
  • Experience New 3 Finger Drag and Drop objects
  • Long Battery Backup up to 5 Hours.
  • Wide Screen with 16:9 aspect ratio
  • FaceTime Camera with Excellent Image Quality
  • High Quality Stereo Speaker will make your sound boosting
  • Features NVIDIA GeForce Graphics
  • Furious performance with Intel Core 2 Duo Processors Family
  • 802.11 n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1
Apple MacBook Air 11 Inches Sleek Design

Apple MacBook Air 11 Inches Sleek Design

Detailed Features of Apple MacBook Air 11-Inches

  • 11-Inch Laptop with 11.8 (w) x 7.5 (h) inches
  • Razor Sharp Finish
  • Weighs just 2.3 Pounds.
  • Resolution of Screen is 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio is 16:9
  • Intel Core 2 Duo SU9400 ULV (Ultra Low Voltage Processors)
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • Nvidia GeForce 320M Graphics Card
  • 5 Hours Uninterrupted Battery Backup
  • 2 USB and 1 SSD (Speedy Solid State Drive) Slot
  • Support CULV (Consumer Ultra Low Voltage) Technology (Saves Money)

Apple MacBook Air 11 Inches can be purchased at Rs.92000/- (approx.) or $2000.

Do let us your views about this notebook. We would love to hear from you :)

If you find any wrong or incomplete specifications, Please provide us the feedback. Our efforts are always to provide full and correct Apple MacBook Air 11-Inches specifications, there can always a possibility of admitting a mistake.

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  1. Apple is just rocking. Thanks for the share. But I have to think upon price.
    Keep it up :)

  2. home jobs says:

    Attractive look.

  3. satrap@ Make Money Online says:

    Wow, apple is the best. For some reason apple is always one step ahead of others (at least in my opinion). Thanks for the info.

  4. jerry fox says:

    This new Mac Book Air 11 inch is a joke really.The screen and hight of it is to small to begin with. The keyboard is small.This is overpriced compared to the 13 inchMBP.At least the 13 inch MBA is a decent model and worth the money.The MBA 11inch is really an i pad with a keyboard.

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