October 19, 2017

Yahoo Mail Beta Got Some New Features & Theme Gallery

Its time for Yahoo Mail, one of the biggest missing features in Yahoo Mail was themes, unlike Gmail, Yahoo Mail was supporting any themes. But Yahoo has added some cool and beautiful themes to Mail Interface, with the themes; they have also added a great bunch of new features, which will be going to be live within a week for Yahoo Mail Beta users all over the world.

New Features added in Yahoo Mail Beta:

Beautiful and Decent looking themes

Yahoo has added some cool and colorful themes to their Yahoo Mail Theme Gallery. You can access the theme gallery, from the Help Menu which is present on the left side of the page.

Yahoo Mail Themes Gallery

Yahoo Mail Themes Gallery

Re-Access to Calendar and Notepad

Now in your Yahoo Mail Inbox, rather than reading emails only, you will be able to manage calendar and notes. For important notes, you can make use of Notepad. Notepad and Calendar are available in the application section of Yahoo Mail. Yahoo is integrating these products more deeply in Mail.

Upload Multiple Files

Yahoo mail allows you to attach multiple files at a time; you just need to select files by holding the Ctrl button.

Get Socialized with Yahoo!

Yahoo Mail allows users to integrate their Facebook and Twitter accounts in Mail and you will be able to see updates on the welcome page of the Yahoo Mail.

Get Socialized With Yahoo Mail Beta

Get Socialized With Yahoo Mail Beta


What your views about introduction of these new features? Do they attract you more towards Yahoo Mail?.

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  1. Home Business says:

    You have a nice design and layout of this blogs.

  2. Work At Home says:

    Great post, I never knew that

  3. shashank chinchli says:

    Yahoo mails UI is awesome..>!
    Still i would stick to Live :))

  4. looks like Yahoo is also taking steps to be like Gmail….

  5. I have not been logged in Yahoo mail.
    Now I should try new features.

  6. For some reason I have always been comfortable with the original Yahoo! Mail design.

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