September 26, 2017

Google’s Android OS is More Vulnerable To Viruses Than Apple’s iOS

This is a guest article by Akshay, who blogs at Screamable. If you would like to write for us, Do check Join us Page. Google’s Android OS is more vulnerable to viruses than iPhone’s iOS, this is the latest buzz in the tech world.

Words About Android OS

“Android is an open source, anyone can access its architecture and can understand it” said Steve Chang, Chairman of Trend Micro Inc (one of the largest anti-virus maker for servers). As smart-phones are considered as minicomputers, more and more hackers try to crack the source code of these gadgets.


Words About Apple’s iOS

“Apple has a sandbox concept which prevents certain viruses that want to replicate themselves and recompose to avoid virus scanners,” Chang said. On the other hand iphone’s iOS has a much strict rule for allowing apps for its user whereas in case of an android which is free, allows developers to access its code for writing software.  Thus some malware are almost impossible to create for iPhone.

Facts About OS in the Market

Currently about 30% of the total smart-phone market is captured by android, next to it is nokia’s symbian which controls about 25% of the market and around 15% market share is controlled by the iOS. On January 7, trend micro launched an anti-virus software for 3.99$ for android users which stops unwanted calls, malwares, blocks virus and much more. It aims to earn a great profit from the 250 million android users.As smart-phones are used to store important data, users cannot afford to lose this data.  Thus need for an anti-virus software will increase as more and more malwares are coded for android platform. Do you have an Android Phone? Have you been attacked with any virus/malware yet? Do share your experiences with us.


  1. But you should not forget that Android is a modification of Linux and in spite of being open source product, Linux is safer than Windows.

  2. Android is being regularly modified and updated will become safer in the near future..

  3. never know this, but my my Android is fine without any virus for past 3 months, since i bought :)

  4. It’s shocking news for me. I don’t ever think that Android can have viruses.

  5. This is something that I hear for the first time. Android has grown in quick time.

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