January 20, 2017

Quad Core Processor – Sony PSP2/Sony NGP Features Revealed

Exciting news for Play station Lovers and Gaming Geeks, Sony has unveiled its new handled Gaming console PSP2. This news is officially released in an event at Tokyo, and they are calling it NGP (Next Generation Portable).

Sony PSP2/Sony NGP

Sony PSP2 is boosted with 5-Inches OLED Touhscreen, to make it more powerful Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity is added, so that people can easily download games and other contents. It is embedded with front and rear camera with traditional navigation buttons. Dual Analogue Sticks are added to the device for the first time.

sony PSP2/NGP

sony PSP2/NGP

Features of Sony PSP2/Sony NGP

  • 5-Inches OLED Display
  • Wi-Fi & 3G Connectivity
  • SIXAXIS Sensitive Controls
  • Dual Analogue Sticks
  • Quad Core Cortex A9 Processor
  • Quad Core PowerVR GPU
  • Front & Rear Camera

Sony PSP2 will be called as Sony NGP. It will be featuring Quad Core Cortex A9 Processor and a quad core powerVR GPU from Imagination Technologies.

Sony has signed deal with many gaming companies like Ubisoft and Activision to bring more and more games for their playstations. Get Ready for excitement.

So are you ready for PSP2? Do share your views about the Features of Sony PSP2.


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  1. I think the features for the Sony PSP2 are great. I like the fact that it’s Touhscreen and it has Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity for downloading games.

    The touchscreen for this handheld gaming device kind of reminds me of the iPhone, maybe that’s where Sony got the idea for the touchscreen from. I think when the Sony PSP2 is officially released it is going to be the most popular handheld gaming device in history.

    My nephew has one of the old PSPs but I’m sure when he hears about this he’s going to want one. I better start saving up my money to get him one because this new one looks expensive. Thanks for the update as always Rajan.

  2. ..Once again Gamertell is going to be live-blogging the affair Well tell you exactly whats happening at Sonys press conference while its happening. Unfortunately my battery may give out soon ………03 14 PMPJ Hruschak said .Want gamers to get the PS3 version of every major game franchise out three…EA is working with Sony. Four guys on the stage to play…button masher minigame………03 04 PMPJ Hruschak said .Sony acquired the company that made Little Big Planet to keep it a PS3-only game…ModNation Racers mention…Little big Planet 2 demo by Alex Evans………03 03 PMPJ Hruschak said .E3 booth replicated on PS Home including booth babes Im sure …Back to promoting content.

  3. Usman@FirstHosting says:

    really owesome features

  4. The touchscreen for this handheld gaming device kind of reminds me of the iPhone, maybe that’s where Sony got the idea for the touchscreen from.


  5. Great.
    It means “PSP Go” has been older version.

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