May 25, 2017

Tips to Make Your Password More Secure

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There are many situations that passwords can be used. For example, passwords are used for banking, email accounts, memberships, logging in and out on websites. When someone creates a password, many times it will be made short so one can easily remember. Several people believe that if he or she has many different accounts, the same password can be used. When this decision is made, the passwords can be easily hacked. Owners of websites can easily hack the passwords to users’ sites just by using someone’s email address. When someone decides to hack a users password is because they want to obtain that persons account information. In order to create a strong password, one would have used over six letters uppercase or lowercase. In some situations, punctuations and numbers are used. Statistics claim when using the combinations of the following characters can be the best way to secure a password.


Secure Password

Secure Password

First, to create a secure password, one has to remember that the passwords should be at least eight characters in length. Remember that the longer the password, the more difficult is to hack a password. If you have many different accounts, one should make long passwords with many characters and write them down. Next, store the passwords in a secure place so they can be easily found. Never use the same password for various accounts.

One should never use basic information such as phone numbers, social security numbers or birth dates. Try not to use well-known words such as love, America, earth or any short words that can be easily hacked. When using passwords online, one should never use public computers at schools, or libraries because the users name will usually pop up when someone logs on.

In some situations hackers can use software to locate the password that was recently used on the account. When using a public computer, try to use the Internet browser to type in the web address of the site you want to enter. This makes it hard for hackers to find the site that was recently visited. Change your passwords to your account monthly to keep them secure. In order to create a strong password, one should use a password such as usc1282!. The password means United States citizen; the numbers represent the numbers on a license plate. The exclamation point is used to remember the password because it makes the user remember the entire password. Another example is mdSgy2000! The password represents my daughter Sue graduated in the year of 2000.

Remember, there are many different combinations that will allow users to remember secure passwords. The strength of your password will come in the numbers, letters, and characters that remain in the password.


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