September 24, 2017

Amazing Triple Screen Phone – Nokia Kolmio [Concept Phone Details]

Nokia is famous for its innovative ideas and these ideas are the keys of Nokia’s success, and also recognized as the most popular brand in India. Today I am talking another handset from the side of Nokia, Nokia Kolmio.

The Nokia Kolmio is a concept phone like no other. The concept phone creates new types of interaction between the user and the phone using three different screens.

Nokia Kolmio

Nokia Kolmio

In this phone Kolmio is designed for “people who want to emphasize their lifestyles and buy new gadgets.” If you have a little bit impulsive on this sentence, you can contact Nokia because Nokia is working on it very deeply and with more interest like Nokia Morph. No official announcement is made by Nokia about this phone.

Nokia Kolmio-1

Nokia Kolmio

In Nokia Kolmio you can type, take pictures and use more than one app simultaneously. All these actions can be made and performed due to the phone’s Triple screen shape. It is specially designed of three bendable parts.  It is so flexible that it can be easily molded.

Nokia Kolmio can’t be compared with other handsets. The specifications and features are not yet announced by Nokia. Nokia Kolmio could be available for use in few years. We Hope Nokia Kolmio will lead to low cost manufacturing and low price product in market.

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