October 17, 2017

Nokia Morph Nano Technology Phone – Future of Mobile Phones [Features & specs]

Nokia is keep on going and maintains its position as the most popular brand in India. Nokia has already showcased various featured handsets. Previously we have written a lot about the Smartphone’s of Nokia. Today we introduced you with Nokia Morph, the most awaited mobile of Nokia.

Nokia Research Center in association with the University of Cambridge has showcased the Nokia Morph, a nano technology concept phone.  The Nokia Morph was presented in the “Design and the Elastic Mind” exhibition at The Museum of Modern Art in New York .The Morph concept is touted to revolutionize the future of phones. Mobile devices where these devices need not have the conventional brick characteristics but a futuristic flexible mobile device that can change shapes according to how you shape it to be.

Nokia Morph

Nokia Morph

The Nokia Morph aims to use flexible materials, have self-cleaning surfaces, and be a transparent electronic device. The device features built-in solar panels to charge the device. The electronics shown in the concept could cost less and include more functionality in a smaller space. Morph is concepts phone that using nanotechnology which enables materials and components that are flexible, stretchable, transparent and remarkably strong.

Nokia Morph-1

Nokia Morph

Basically Nokia Morph is based on Fibril proteins which are woven into a three-dimensional mesh. This principle also used behind spider silk, this elasticity enables the device to literally change shapes and configure itself to adapt to the task at hand. The phone could be folded to be stored in the pocket or bag or utilized as a watch or stylish wrist band that could have its own personalized wallpaper. The Morph concept integrates different kinds of sensors which allow these futuristic devices to sense the environment like air quality, temperature and humidity.

Features & Specifications of Nokia Morph

  • 2G network
  • Display: Dokunmatik Ekran
  • Dimensions: 110x49x19 mm
  • QWERTY Keyboard
  • Bluetooth – V2.0
  • Colors – Green
    Accessories – Charger, Hands free, USB Cable
  • Wi-Fi
  • Flash Memory
  • Camera, FM radio, mp3 Player, games

Nokia Morph could be available for use in 5-6 years in future. We Hope Nokia Morph can lead to low-cost manufacturing and the possibility at a low price.

Do let us know your views about this phone. We would love to hear from you. :)

If you find any wrong or incomplete specifications, Please provide us the feedback. Our efforts are always to provide full and correct Nokia Morph specifications, there can always a possibility of admitting a mistake.

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  1. I Want it as soon as possible ! The futur is this .

  2. this mobile will lead the world mobile market if it is in practice every one would like to have one i love this mobile technology a lot

  3. Heard about it long ago…

    Beautiful…technological creation:-)

  4. wonderful! when does it come out, and where do i buy it?

  5. Javed Ahmad says:

    Very good future nokia the best brand of the world

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