October 22, 2017

Ezine Articles Plus Your Blog = More Earnings

Blogs are the mostly used promotion technique on the internet. People are generating large revenue by using the blogs. Blogs have revolutionized the concept of marketing on the internet.  People are much interested in advertising their products and services on the blogs. Ezine articles are becoming much popular among the bloggers.

Ezine Articles & Make Money

Ezine Articles & Make Money

We will discuss the top 10 reasons that why should bloggers use a blog to publish their Ezine.

1. Blog Can be easily and regularly updated

Blog can be updated frequently. It is web-based. Blogs do not require much time to update the contents. It allows the people to post the articles at any moment anywhere on the internet. It is updated without wasting a moment.

2.  RSS feed an easy way to manage subscribers

RSS (Really Simple Syndication) feed allows the subscribers to know about your latest updates and fresh contents by delivering them directly to their desktop. RSS undergoes the spam filter and readers will get only the contents which they want to read and our interested.

3. No Expenses involved!

It gives you the option for posting your Ezine in very inexpensive way. Many websites are offering the free blog services while some may offer you much better blog options at very low price. It is very inexpensive option.

4.Easy ad insertion!

The links and ADs can be displayed in the side columns assigned for them. The ezine format is not required to be disturbed for ADs and links.

5. E-Mail subscription made easy on the go!

Blog offers you to inform your subscribers about the fresh content on your blog by the email. A blog about Medifastdiscounts and Nutrisystem coupons would update you about the latest coupons. Subscribers have to fill the subscription form and can enjoy the updates through their emails.

6.Internal Blog Linking!

Blogs can be interlinked and provide the best marketing options. The search engines like the posts which contains rich keywords. It helps you to become prominent in the search engine enabling more people to read your posts.

7.Easy Content Filter!

You can use your Ezine blog to become a trusted expert for your subscribers by filtering content for them so they don’t have to visit hundreds of websites.

8.Archiving Is Very Nice!

The best thing about ezine blog is that it will create the new page and link for every post which allows the people to share their related post with other people or can be used for the reference.

9. Commenting option i.e. More SEO!

Commenting is also a very useful functionality. It enhances the trust between the blogger and the subscribers. It also gives good feedback. It also proved to be helpful to get better traffic for your blog and make you prominent in the ranking of search engine.

10. Uptrend In Visitors Graph!

Using a blog can help you attract more visitors who become subscribers and then eventually become clients. Ezine publishers find blogs very helpful like any other site you have to convince people for adding your blog into their RSS feed.


  1. Absolutely, it is a wonderful way for SEO

  2. Usman@FirstHosting says:

    On our blog we’ve full rights to do anything. :)

    interlinking is really good tool.

  3. I was thinking of starting this practice soon . More backlinks , more traffic and more readers :) Thanks for the motivation !

  4. ezine articles says:

    I’ve seen that writing articles has become very popular too, with a lot of benefit.

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