September 26, 2017

5 Most Fruitful iPad Applications for Bloggers

Despite blogging applications available for blogging via iPhone, if you own a tablet PC like iPad then you will find this still more convenient as this will simulate an environment of your computer with the screen being convenient for the purpose of typing and is much more user-friendly for blogging on the go, than any other smartphone and tablet PC.


iPad Applications

iPad Applications

Here we will discuss a few or more of the blogging applications that could be used in your iPad,


This very cleverly and smartly designed application contains a three in one application that aids in operating three tasks simultaneously, a Safari browser, twitter and Facebook, which permits you to blog via your Safari browser and spread the word across the social media, both being twitter and Facebook. The best thing of this application is that this allows to do many tasks at one go, as you can update your status via the social media. The powerful browser that is integrated will let you to blog and create new posts, which will like working on your personal computer, and check emails and do other tasks by using the multi tab options in the Safari browser. The app has two modes, full and half mode, while the full mode is much more versatile.

Download: Multitask


This is a much more versatile app that is available for those who are blogging using a common blogging platform like Word Press. This is much easier to manage for moderating comments, create and edit posts and pages and adding images or videos becomes much easier than before, not like the way that you had been suffering with your iPhone. Overall, this app helps you to make blogging on the go easier than before if you own a iPad, and have the app WordPress.

Download: WordPress

Analytics HD

This is a premier app for working on your Google analytics on the go and will allow you to check with all the privacy protection to check on how you are performing in your ad sense, and how your ad words account is working well with Google and much more can be done with this small app. What is the power of this app? This can generate charts and reports of your performance, allows multiple account logins and switch between accounts all happening with a well monitored and secure connection.

Download: Analytics HD

Readdle Docs

Readdle is an all-in-one document viewer and file manager that has been designed well for your iPad. However, this is not going to help you in blogging directly the use of this app for preparing the initial drafts for the blog posts and much more supportive tasks that can aid in successful blogging on the go. Some of the other tasks that you can achieve using this application will include synchronization with documents like PC or Mac computers, web sites, email attachments, iDisk, Dropbox and other online file storages, including files stored in iPhones.

Download: Readdle


This exclusive application, which was designed for managing your day-to-day and daily tasks and schedules that you will be planning for delivering your blog posts on a daily or weekly basis. This has the power to ease your tasks and schedules and the more you make the best use of these kind of apps the best you can get done out of your blogging. Some of the deeds that you can manage effectively and efficiently using this app will include effortless management of to-dos, notes, due dates and projects.

Download: Things

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  1. These Applications are awesome. I will surely use when i own a iPad myself :) 😉

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