October 22, 2017

Comparison – HTC Desire HD Vs Samsung Galaxy S II [Specs & Features]

HTC or Samsung……!!!  I am always confused, when I am write comparison between HTC’s & Samsung’s smartphones because both are the strongest competitor of Android Smartphones and give excellent specifications, and it is very difficult decide which is worthy. The range of Smartphones is very large and huge. Today I am writing a comparison between HTC Desire HD Vs Samsung Galaxy S II. Both Smartphones are the very powerful its because both has almost same features like OS, camera, display and looks. Its difficult to select which phone can give the good performance and best value for money. Let see who will be winner of the competition.

HTC Desire HD Vs Samsung Galaxy S II

HTC Desire HD Vs Samsung Galaxy S II

Other Comparisons

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HTC Desire HD Vs Samsung Galaxy S II

HTC Desire HD Samsung Galaxy S II
Looks & Style Extremely beautiful and stylish phone, Large display screen and curved shape from top and the bottom side Slim and light Smartphone in aggressive and stylish look with Rounded Edges
Display & Screen 4.3-Inches LCD Capacitive Touchscreen with 480 X 800 pixels and 16 Million Colors support. 4.3-Inches Super plus AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen with 480 x 800 pixels
Operating System Android 2.2 Froyo Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS
Processor & GPU 1 GHz Scorpion Processor, and Adreno 205 GPU Qualcomm MSM8255 Snapdragon 1GHz dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor
User-Interface HTC Sense TouchWiz 4.0
Memory & Storage 1.5 GB of internal memory, Expandable MicroSD Card Support up to 32 GB 16-32GB Internal Memory, Expandable MicroSD Card Support up to 32 GB
Camera & Photography 8MP Camera with Auto-focus & Dual-LED Flash, 3264 x 2448 Pixels , 8 MP Camera with Auto-focus & Dual LED Flash, 3264 x2448pixels
Front Camera No front facing camera 2 MP front facing camera
Video Recording HD Video Recording  720p suppprt HD Video Recording Support QVGA @ 30 fps
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, Bluetooth 3.0 with HS
Network Support 2G , 3G with HSDPA @ 14.4Mbps & HSUPA @ 5.76 Mbps 2G, 3G with HSDPA@21 Mbps & HSUPA @ 5.76 Mbps
Other Features GPRS ,EDGE, GPS, MicroUSB, FM radio with RDS, GPRS, GPS, EDGE, FM Radio with RDS Support , MicroUSB, TV-out Capability
Price (apporx) Rs. 25000/- Rs. 25000-30000/-

Dreambloggers Verdicts

After analyzing all the specification of both Smartphones HTC Desire HD and Samsung Galaxy S II, now time to decide which is better? In all the specifications like Operating system, camera, network, connectivity which is most important for mobile phones, as you see both have same specifications. Galaxy S II have more powerful processor than HTC desire HD, and if on the basis of camera Galaxy S II also have front facing camera where as HTC doesn’t have and last on the basis of  price both are on the same price tag.

Winner of the Game

In my opinion, you should go for HTC Desire HD for Extremely Powerful and Stylish Smartphone Experience. Whereas caring for the 3G, Samsung Galaxy S II supports video calling and it is a better choice for Indians because of Revolution of 3G Network in India, So I will prefer Samsung Galaxy S II because it is having strong and quality features in comparison of HTC Desire HD.

Note: The comparison & Analysis of both the phones has been done on the basis of my personal point of view and expertise. If you have any doubts or views, do share them with me.

So which phone you are going to purchase?. Do share with us, We would love to hear from you :-)

If you find any wrong or incomplete details, Please provide us the feedback. Our efforts are always to provide full and correct HTC Desire HD Vs Samsung Galaxy S II Comparison, there can always a possibility of admitting a mistake.

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  1. Awesome comparison
    thanks for the info… i was going to buy among the two
    and was thinking galaxy s2
    now my mind clear and will s2 😀

  2. In my opinion Samsung is much better than when compared to HTC. I got a chance to use Samsung Galaxy Tab and it is awesome.

  3. I’m a very proud owner of HTC Desire HD and I’m loving it. There’s nothing like HTC Sence UI, only the one who has experienced it can know how it feels like 😉

    I don’t damn care about 3G video calling and front facing camera as India is yet to be ready in terms of both technology and price feasibility to offer 3G mobile services. And also for a smartphone with a decent browsing and mail checking purposes, HTC Desire HD with a fantastic sense UI and excellent processor and memory is more than sufficient!. HTC Desire Truly Rocks!

  4. Dude, thats the image of HTC Desire that you are using and not Desire HD

  5. deadmeat says:

    Used a DHD, and am currently trying to understand my reason to get a S2… DHD is a beautiful beast… where as s2… hmm i am trying to figure out what should i do with the dual core processor without the 220 GPU and no 3D capabilities… i would say this phone is definitly a brilliant choice for the sake of getting the much hyped dual core cpu and all that.. but it doesnt really make a big difference in performance over DHD.. Sense UI is much better and i think is more friendly… may b my mind set.. but then this is how i feel about it.. and talking about india and 3g.. DHD handles all of that brilliantly… get the Cynogen mod and use it… its a brilliant beautiful beast!!!

  6. Dr.Chandrashekar.K.L. says:

    HTC DESIRE HD is the best. I am using it and it is excellent!!!!

  7. According to me HTC is better then Samsung . Thanks for this great review.

  8. HTC Desire HD truly rocks, loving it. Eagerly waiting for Gingerbread update. Was told that HTC has rolled out already. Anyone from India got the update? Please do share.

  9. Well dear u said 100% right about both phones but
    I like more htc desier hd bcoz of its solid body nd its beautiful
    Look.Samsung is gud 2 bt htc is lovly.

  10. RAMESSES says:


  11. Deepak G says:

    No comparison between the two. Because HTC Desire HD comes nowhere near the Samsung Galaxy SII.

  12. All the people who recommend Htc because they own it :) .. neutral people who does not have either of them logically will go Samsung .. features are better.. thats the truth. sorry for Htc HD owner
    (Noe: I don’t have any)

  13. dont make mistake…htc desire hd is the best phone on market..only issue is the battery

  14. i have used both, ignore fanboys, desire hd is the best phone and u will fell in love with it

  15. Am i the only person that finds the new samsungs cheap feeling and too light? Maybe thats just after using my ten ton desire hd 😉

  16. Hey Guys,

    I got Gingerbread update on my HTC Desire HD on May 18th. Trust me, there’s a considerable performance in battery life. I’m 24/7 always on mobile internet and I easily get a battery backup of 1 day + 19 hours. Like with any phone battery, you should initially do the complete battery drain and then charge up full. Do this for atleast a month and you would never complain of poor battery life. One more thing I noticed in my HTC Desire HD is, once the battery has reached its 15% life ( it will shell out all all unwanted process running in the background and will set the display to the minimum – ofcourse I had set these changes) and it will easily come for 4 hours(I have tested this many times).

    Generally I would suggest to drain the battery to its full limit(say 2%) and then put it to charge until it gets 100% charged(dont unplug the phone in between until it gets charged full).

    Also , as I said, there’s serious performance improvements with battery life after Gingerbread update. I’m guessing that the OS automatically does the background task killer checkup and all.

    Personally I feel that for a smartphone, a SINGLE processor is sufficient. I do play games in my HTC Desire HD. But in the end, smartphones like HTC Desire HD or even Samsung or Sony, aren’t meant for playing games alone. We have xbox360 or any play stations, so why worry about dual core/single core processor spec for a mobile?

    I’m loving my HTC DESIRE HD and its truly fantastic and excellent. There’s nothing like HTC SENSE UI. Buy it, I promise you won’t ever regret :-)

    P.S : I got my HTC Desire HD in UK. So I’m lucky to get Gingerbread update much sooner. For Indian models, Gingerbread update will roll out by June end or July first week.

  17. Thanks for your review. You forgot to mention that the Galaxy S2 has the toughened gorilla glass. Also, the S2 is DLNA enabled.

  18. who told u that galaxy s2 is going to cost between 25k to 30k..
    I confirmed it its 31-32k.(old galaxy s is 23k).
    desire hd is 25k.
    You get the Idea.
    He is comparing 2 totally different generation phones.
    The comparison should be between “HTC SENSATION(Dual core 1.2GHz) v/s Galaxy s2″.
    HTC SENSATION(price-30k) and its resolution is qHD (greater than galaxy s,s2 and desire hd).
    I’m proud owner of a wonderful HTC DESIRE HD .
    (Trust me guys my friend has galaxy s and when we keep our phones side by side,galaxy s looks like a 10-15k phones-yeah rest of friends tease him a lot).
    Galaxy s2 has battery worse than desire hd.

  19. In our stores desire hd is half the price of galaxy s2 and looks much much nicer than samsung. S2 is just NOT worth the money, its a good phone but not worth it at its price tag.

    And HTC’s viewable screen area is excellent and samsung’s one just looks ugly. I care about aesthetics, so definitely HTC!

  20. htc desire hd is the best…………u’ll love it when u have it…..

  21. i think Samsung Galaxy is the best. Because it has more features.

  22. yes, i got it…..super cool.

  23. I just bought htc desire Hd 2 weeks ago, everything seems to be superb. except the battery. i guess all android phone will have this problem,But i love htc very much. besides, my previous handset was htc hd2. the design is very neat and sleek.. very heavy duty, twice i accidentally dropped my htc hd2 on a tarmac, theres only minor scracthes on the edge of the phone thats it! and its still working.
    in terms of software and interface, i love htc sence very much, very simple and easy. i have no idea about galaxy s2,i dont bother to try… but what i heard is that it has a problem with android market.. not easy to install to compare to htc… well, i guess i will never change to any other brand, HTC rules!

  24. HTC Desire HD is TOOO Heavy because you have to carry the phone + the charger all the time 😉 At least you have to recharge this phone twice a day , Also don’t try to open your phone under bright area you will see nothing!!!!!!
    Also S2 carry 1.2 GHz not 1 GHz (dual-core ARM Cortex-A9 processor )

    I think we can’t compare between both phones . I’m going for I phone killer <<<<S2

  25. have u guys heard of “juicedefender” ? install dis apps from android market on your hd desire and your battery will last for one whole day. And dont forget to check your usb debugging mode under setting>application>development. it helps alot :) no more carrying your charger along :) samsung can last for more than half a day? i doubt. + dual core and 1.2Ghz processor?impossible…samsung is more reliable for electrical appliances. not phone or computers.

  26. Daniel Koivisto says:

    There is so much easier to plug in to WiFi- networks with the HTC Desire HD than the Samsung Galaxy SII, because you need to do some options just to get the opportunities. The camera is the same quality but gives a little bit red-coloured images in the HTC and blue-coloured in the Samsung. It’s easier to take some great photos in the darkness with the HTC because the camera is of the bigger one and can release in more light, but another important reason is the LED- flash. The Photo is taken while you hold the camera button on the Samsung Galaxy SII you have to release the button if some photos would be taken, which may cause the images are blurry. HTC come with a built-in noise reduction, which restores the images so that they become sharper by the noise disappears when zooming.

  27. Hi bro thanks a lot for ur sugession but want to know abt battery back up so pls let me kn ow abt it !!!

  28. I am owning the DHD for the past 6 months… its a beast of a phone.. I’m in love with the sense UI, nothing like it.. The only problem I faced, and i guess that is with all android phones is the battery backup.. But with the gingerbread update and JuiceDefender the back up is good now..
    A few days back I checked my friend’s galaxy s2, and I love my DHD even more now.. you beauty..

  29. Hv u guyz update your dhd to gingerbread? Need some feedback on dhd running ginger..is it stable?
    Will it wipeout your old data? Cuz i heard dat we cant dwngrade back to froyo..

  30. Liking my HTC DHD, but sorry guys if I wasn’t 1/2 way through my contract I’d go to the Samsung. Please the 2.3 upgrade has just arrived too.

  31. Saurabh says:

    I am using HTC Desire HD and its far better than the other smart phones. It has got the full value of money. Touch is amazing and more sensitive than Sony and Samsung phones. I will suggest to go for HTC Desire HD.

  32. I have played with each mobile. IPhone, blackberry, Samsung, Nokia and HTC. HTC is the only phone can be compared with iPhone. Use HTC once. I garanty, u will never go back to samu and Sony. Looks, big screen , quality, features. for the people who day Samsung is good. Just try HTC

  33. To the person who said that the s2 has dlna and the dhd doesnt should just view the product on htc’s webpage. It was the first phone that supported dlna .. and yes it also has gorilla glass but most smartphones now do anyways .. this review, though good doesnt really make sense. The desire hd is 7 months older than the s2 yet is still a very capable device. I would still reccomend the dhd to the s2 just because of the build .. the dhd with its alluminium body reminds me that its a premium gadget every time i hold it. Im sorry but i just cant accept that plastic build of samsung phones especially when they cost so much. The real contender for the s2 is the sensation. Even though it might not have 16gb memory like the s2 but it doesnt really matter since you have sd support .. the aluminium build and sense 3.0 just shames the s2.. htc phones are all about experience .. its the apple for android.

  34. M. Delusion says:

    it doesn’t make sense to compare dhd with sii as dhd is kinda of the previous generation. shouldn’t a comparison with sensation be more apt?

  35. The photo on the right side is of HTC DESIRE not HTC DESIRE HD..

  36. Tonight I got a chance to compare S2 and Sensation side by side…
    Sensation was brilliant.The feel you get when you arre holding sensation is really great(I fell in love with Sense 3.0-Whatever happens I’m going to install a custom ROM with sense 3.0 on my Desire HD).
    I compared my Desire HD to both of them,Sensation was more handy(smaller) despite of same screen size(reason-becoz of more resolution than Desire HD and S2).
    S2 was lighter but bigger in size,despite of same screen size(reason-more non screen area).
    It was bit difficult to hold S2.Everyone is saying S2 is light weight and Sensation is heavy.My point is,It is not difficult to bear an extra 32 grams of weight but It is difficult to handle a large phone(remember they have the same screen size 4.3 inch) and one more thing is thickness doesn’t matter size matters.
    If you don’t agree with me,please once visit any showroom(for once and you will be convinced).

    And as “kanav” said htc phones are all about experience .. its the apple for android.

  37. i guess sensation is more suitable to compare with s2. i have tried sensation last week and it is superfast to compare with s2. in terms of funtionality, it almost the same, but i prefer sense ui as ussual. the only diff is dat, s2 screen is more vibrant..dats all. and the design is better than sensation.the only thing i hate on sensation is dat the back part is abit of feminine touch.but hack..dats not my concern..HTC rules! if someone give me a free phone to choose, i would go for sensation! its sensational! oops, it was suppose to be dhd vs s2. sorry. :)

  38. S2 picture is abit distorted..:)

  39. thanks mate .. i have used htc for long time since windows.. but one thing about htc is that its battery backup sucks big time. for india i believe the battery backup is more important, anyways spec wise SAMSUNG is much better than htc. looks don’t matter much if you looking for capabilities.
    currently i am using htc desire but not very convinced with its talk time. where as using samsung tab at the same time i am amazed the battery backup lasts more than a day sometimes nearly 2 days using internet as well as making calls. i dont know about india coz i am from Thailand but indians in india preffer better talk time. carring the charger is not always convenient after paying such a amount.
    lastly my point of view, i would still look forward to SAMSUNG than HTC. spec wise too samsung. Cheers!

  40. hi harsha .. i am using htc desire hd and the only thing which is not convincing is the battery. for me battery backup is more important .. no doubt about the htc sence UI is really great but dont want to walk everywhere with extra pair of battery of charger. Samsung is always better when it comes to battery. Cheers!

  41. hi brother well said .. all the ones using will definitely be praising .. infact i too have htc desire hd but really battery backup is so horrible that i have to carry the charger at all times … i am also using samsung tab .. may be the battery is big enought for tab but the battery backup is really awesome lasting nearly 2 days. i would anyways go for SAMSUNG than htc. spec wise too samsung rules dont really care about looks just want the functions and additional storage 😉

  42. theres something called SPEC and htc lacks in spec my friend. if you just want to hold and show off then you are welcome buddy .. but we preffer spec speed performance … SAMSUNG

  43. buddy i use all these too .. thing is battery is the only issue. i am also using samsung tab and battery is 4 times better .. dont believe it .. try it out.

    p.s. no doubt htc is nice with sence ui but you dont want to carry your charger at all times do you ?

  44. is that so .. ok hows the battery experience? to know the other products you actually have to use them. so my suggestion is that htc is nice with sence thing and some htc hub shit but when you compare to galaxy S2 how about the
    and i am not even including the best part .. try to watch any movie from torrent those of 700MB in your proud htc and let me know if its runs as smooth as samsung ones. dude samsung even plays blueray ripped movies HEAVY FORMAT ones in galaxy S2 .. so shame for htc 😉

  45. Some phones r good on paper. Use HTC a real good phone

  46. Dude,hv yu heard of lcd tv or led tv? Why trouble yourself watching on 4.3 inch screen..? Yu will ended up with stiff neck… Besides u can open all movie formats on it… Phone is a phone… Tv is tv… Enuff said. Put aside samsung can open big files movie bla..bla..bla..

  47. yah buddy heard of LED 56 inch SONY since i own a couple of them anyways if you were so much into having JUST A PHONE your earlier comment says S2 pics are distorted SON HAVE YOU HEARD OF SONY 24MEGA PIXEL CAMERAS it costs around 90,000 Bangkok currency including a normal lens (oh i was born in thailand) buy one of them if you need a camera in a PHONE AND STOP CRYING and next time you wana help people with your F U C K E D knowledge keep it to yourself 😀
    P.S. can you play MKV files in your HTC son let me know .. its really funny how people like you buy one phone in ages and give GURU LESSONS ahh bla bla bla

  48. ohh yah you just need a phone is it … buy a nokia worth 2000 indian currency 😉 perfect for you coz you need a PHONE .. SON WE USE FUNCTIONS IN PHONES AND NOT JUST BUY AND SHOW OFF so bugger off MUAH

  49. lastly i aint gonna reply to each of your absurd messages so keep writing ..

  50. @naufas : Well said. “Dude,hv yu heard of lcd tv or led tv? Why trouble yourself watching on 4.3 inch screen..? Yu will ended up with stiff neck… Besides u can open all movie formats on it… Phone is a phone… Tv is tv… Enuff said. Put aside samsung can open big files movie bla..bla..bla..” Hope it answers to Raja’s question 😉

    I’m using HTC Desire HD for the past 6 months and this phone is awesome, I would infact say its almost like a tablet. Battery life lasts for 19 hours ( I’m always on mobile internet, listen to music while I head to office). I m not a game maniac nor movie freak on a phone. I would prefer to watch movies on my 42 inch Sony TV and play games on xbox 360. HTC Sense UI is very awesome and I bet everyone who would purchase this phone would love it.

    I had already commented on this blog thrice. So in short, HTC Desire HD truly Rocks!

  51. Raja.. yu r so funny… Distorted samsung pics is the picture that shown on the post… Got it? Or u r just so in luv with your samsung till u dont notice it.

    Secondly, NOKIA. Yu can find another place to talk about it… Because… HTC RULES!!! theres no place for samsung or nokia here…everybody is talking bout htc… So, go f*?k ur samsung……wo hOo!

  52. Lastly, its okay, dont reply.. but u will see ur name in every post i send… Muah

  53. @Naufas : Good one. @Raja : but u did write that 😉 I know its tough not to keep up one’s word as not to respond :-p

  54. Thx guru.. , i was bored actually.. not feeling well i guess. no offence raja. Peace :) of course new phone model will be a bit better from the old ones. :)

  55. hi naufas this is Raja here, i just read all the comments which involved my name .. naufas the comments written to you were by my friend it was not me at all. only the first comment about the htc phone was mine and that too did not involve anybody. so i apologize on his behalf. he was just reading comments and since i wrote earlier my email and my name was already there & he just posted inappropriate posts. i am sorry again naufas. after this message i am going clear cashe and cookies too.
    lastly naufas i too admire htc although there’s a slight battery issue but still the widgets and more options as well as route66 is awesome i bought the perpetual map of Thailand and India too the navigation system is so so amazing. i am going to buy htc flyer tomorrow its nice but you cant call out only internet. i still love it :) heyy if you play online ps3 you can add me FAITHRULES its my online ID .. i can introduce you to many Thai friends and one more thing naufas if you ever happen to visit Thailand do let me know we all can get together and your stay will be on me :) my father happens to own a hotel :) take care brother.

  56. Check out the real HTC Desire HD as against S2. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d39Cu0e3NaQ

  57. The desire hd had a 1250 mah battery. Which is downright dumb. Though thats not the case with the sensation.
    As far as the led vs. Lcd thing goes .. fine granted the samsung has amoled( which i think has oversaturated colours but thats just my opinion) BUT do you know a lil something called dpi? The samsung hass 800×480 pixels on a 4.3 inch screen wheras the sensation has qhd or 960×540 pixels.. and as far as the spec argumment goes .. 1gb of rom compared to 768 doesnt really sound like a deal breaker.. id take sense 3.0 and a metal body anyday.. but thats just me.

  58. Stop the squabbling. I am first time going for a smart phone and from the preview, both are great by features and design. So let talk about where the cheapest price U can get in the market. After all, affordable comes from the customer’s priority too. Don’t U agreed.

  59. Bharat Bharija says:

    Among the 2 i think S II is definitely much much better… but i like arc more than these 2 phones because –
    !. its the most beautifull , and i dont need video call…
    !. Because i have it :p

  60. sonny erricsson is nice.no doubt…but. dis is dhd vs samsung sII… hmm..how if we make arc vs samsung sII vs dhd vs sensation vs all smart phones around eh? lol. but guys, i heard the battery life for all android phones are sucks….disregard the brands and batterry power…why? is there any safety purposes on this? or it is still a guinea pig type of phone? it is a bit scary though knowing that it can cause cancer an so on…

  61. Raggamuffin says:

    For those of you using a HTC Desire HD and wanting a better battery there is a Japanese made 2430 mAh one available – one seller on ebay wants £99 for it, another is selling the same one for £13. It is the same size as the one that comes with the phone. So I think I’d rather pay out £330 and get the Desire HD rather than splashing out £500 and getting the S2. For £500 I’d rather buy a new laptop or better GPU for my PC lol

  62. i will go with HTC Desire…

  63. S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 S2 KILLER HTC AND IPHONE 4G

  64. Looks like you did a comparison just for writing a post. You have missed out important data like battery size, thickness, weight etc. A lot of your data is wrong like processor speed, OS version, network support, video recording, and other features. Your conclusion is meaningless because you recommend both phones in there. If you don’t have enough information then STOP misleading people.

    Oh yes, you wanted to know what I am going to purchase :) I have been using Desire HD for almost a year and now going to upgrade to Galaxy S II.

    Let’s see how many of your mistakes you admit.

  65. OR
    You could sell the Desire HD for £250, add the £330 to it, buy the new and improved Galaxy S2 and buy me a beer from the remaining 80 quid. 😛

  66. Naufas is retard may be due to daily Charging his HTC Phone & then commented on this post, Samsung is versatile Company Not like HTC! Samsung is superior in any department like Phone, Refrigerators, TV, DVD, PC, Laptop etc…… what about HTC

  67. I go buy the HTC desier HD on cristhmass

  68. Htc deaire hd have metal body , s2 is plastic body…. Not durable and looks old in few days…. Htc performance and service is also really good…. I love ma htc desire hd…. I have 4 smart phone from samsung…. They really sucks in after sell service….

  69. My (htc desired hd) dead suddenly no bodys knows the raison the battry is very god and didn t falling ……..???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please help

  70. sreeshyam says:

    i hv usd both phones i hv experienced htc is better……………

  71. Hey,
    I own the htc desire hd – and i do love it.
    its heavier than most other smart phones out there but is very fast and camera is great. im looking at upgrading to the samsung – just because i can.
    only thing i found wrong with my htc is that i bought it outright and had to contact htc personally in order to be able to connect to the internet and send mms.

  72. Hey everyone..i used to hv htc desire hd.. And now im using samsung galaxy note.. To tell the truth i regreted it so much.. Htc is more stabil in alot ways.. Disregard the screen res to compare wth note..i wud turn back to htc anytime.. Samsung is a bit laggy eventhough it has 1.4g dual core under the hood.. Htc is way..way… Better.. Especialy desire hd… Can u imagine s2?

  73. I have in dilemma to purchase htc desire or samsung galaxy s2.. so plz show me a right direction.. thank you

  74. dear abdul
    it depends on your liking. my personal experience on using both i would go for SAMSUNG S2 .. battery is way better than htc phones also light weighted slim body. now here some of you might say htc is durable as it is having a solid body but then again htc becomes heavy in your pocket. UI is great in htc no doubt but over all i still say samsung is the best choice anytime until htc phones do something about their battery improvement. rest up to you.

  75. U r spending 25000 or 30000 for a mobile. Go for htc because samsung doing really good in market yet they have lots of issues in terma of quality.

  76. if you want quality go for apple anytime .. best quality product or go for samsung s2..
    samsung has a slide option easy to switch bluetooth wifi with one slide option where as in htc its either the shortcut you add or a long procedure to reach options… next htc dont provide FILE EXPLORER but samsung does and its a must have app (you can always buy though) .. samsung has 16 to 32 gb in built .. i am not sure about htc as it has been long time since i have used one of those htc phones.
    if you want to survive one full day it has to be samsung on the heavy consuming 3Gs ask any phone dealers as for htc you would be lucky to reach home with the phone still ON unless you want to carry a spare battery in your pocket at all times!!
    i am not arguing here its just a personal experience .. i have used htc alot and would have more if only they had done something to strengthen their battery but as usual no improvement so far!

  77. Sourav Dhal says:

    I got DESIRE HD 3 months back. working fine for me! But battery life is a concern.

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