September 26, 2017

Comparison – Apple iPad 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 [Specs & Features]

HTC is not only the competitor of Samsung. World’s Most Popular Smartphone Company, Apple, is also one among the most powerful competitors of Samsung, Whereas Samsung has Launched its Tablet “Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1” and Apple has launched the upgraded version of Apple iPad, “Apple iPad 2”. Both the tablets are revolutionary tablets and gaining customers their own way.

Apple iPad 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple iPad 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Are you in dilemma whether to go with Samsung or Apple? So it’s necessary to find out the difference and best between the two. Check out:

Have a look at the Specifications of the tablet individually, Check them here:

Apple iPad 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1

Apple iPad 2 (32 GB) Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
Looks & Style Quality Product Apple, No Doubt Beautiful and Branded in Design with Professional Look Comparable with iPad 2 with Glossy Looks and Black Color Finish
Display & Screen 9.7-Inches LED Backlit IPS TFT Capacitive Touchscreen with 768 X 1024 pixels and 16 Million Colors support. 10.1-Inches Capacitive TFT Touchscreen with 1280 x 800 pixels
Operating System Apple iOS 4 Android 3.0 Honeycomb OS
Processor & GPU 1 GHz Dual Core ARM Cortex A9 Processor, PowerVR SGX543MP2 GPU 1 GHz dual-core Tegra 2 Chipset Processor
User-Interface ————- TouchWiz UI
RAM & ROM 512 MB RAM 1GB RAM, 16/32/64GB ROM
Memory & Storage 16/32/64 GB of internal memory,  No Expandable Card Slot 32GB Internal Memory,
Camera & Photography Still camera with 5X Zoom 3 MP Camera with Auto-focus &  LED Flash, 3264 x2448pixels
Front Camera VGA-quality still Front Facing Camera 2 MP front facing camera
Video Recording HD Video Recording @ 720p support HD Video Recording Support @ 720p
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n. Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP & EDR Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n,DLNA, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP & EDR
Network Support 2G, 3G Network, HSDPA @ 14.4 Mbps, HSUPA @ 2.0 Mbps Capability 2G, 3G with HSDPA@21 Mbps & HSUPA @ 5.76 Mbps
Other Features GPRS ,EDGE, GPS & A-GPS, MicroUSB Support, TV Out Support GPRS, GPS, EDGE, MicroUSB, Adobe Flash 10.1 Support
Price (apporx) Rs. 28000/- (Approx) (32 GB) ————-

DreamBloggers Verdict

I am really confused, Very much Confused. I am not able to believe that Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is coming out to be more featured than Apple iPad 2. The OS, Apple iOS and Android OS are world’s Most Popular OS, whereas applications are large in number for Apple iOS in comparison with Android. The stats of Apps are for present state, whereas rapid increase in the popularity of Android OS is leading the market and leaving behind all other OS.  On the other hand, both tablets have the same processing power. The outer screen/display is large in Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1, but the quality of the Screen is better in Apple iPad 2. The Network connectivity speed of Apple iPad 2 is slower than Samsung Galaxy Tab. One more disadvantage is no MicroSD Card slot is available in Apple iPad 2. I know 32 GB is sufficient as Internal Memory but External Slot Matters. Next Coming upto one more disadvantage of Apple iPad 2 is the RAM which is half from the RAM Capacity of Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1. RAM is the hardware device which plays a major role in the multi-tasking capability of the OS.

Victor of the Competition

In my opinion, Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 is the Victor and if you are wiling to purchase one among the two, silently and excitedly go on with Samsung’s Tablet.

Note: The comparison & Analysis of both the phones has been done on the basis of my personal point of view and expertise. If you have any doubts or views, do share them with me. So which phone you are going to purchase?. Do share with us, We would love to hear from you :)

If you find any wrong or incomplete details, Please provide us the feedback. Our efforts are always to provide full and correct Apple iPad 2 Vs Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Comparison, there can always a possibility of admitting a mistake.

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  1. wow….great….lolzzzzZZZZ…..

    I didn’t know that samsung announced their new tablet’s price…..i’m damn sure it won’t be less than 30K………

    Apple’s Quality and Customer Service is always superior than Samsung’s….and more over Apple releases updates and fixes faster than Android….As we all know Android is still a baby and there are lot of flaws……and when google releases update it’s not universal to all android devices…..different hardwares will get different updates…..
    anyways……I prefer going for a Quality product with 64 GB Memory (No need of SD Card)….lolzzz…….where I’ll find a lot of quality apps…..Not Virus infected low quality apps that we find in Android Market….he he he…..

  2. haha! I can’t believe you just took off both(Jaten’s as well) our comments without a word. No apologies for the wrong information or a simple “thank you” for the correction. And what does “there can always a possibility of admitting a mistake.” mean? If you want more visitors in your website, please provide accurate information, and be human, I mean “communicate”, that’s what these Twitter, RSS, comments, replies, etc.. is all about right? Interaction!

  3. Hello Andre,

    Thank you for your support and Feedback, I would like to Thank You for making us more positive towards our blog. I am sorry for the inconvenience you faced, Actually the comments are not deleted by me, they are deleted by our other moderators. We will make sure that, this scenario will not be repeated,
    Once Again Thanks a lot. As per your suggestion and research, we found that our readers were right and we have made the changes accordingly.

    Sorry for all.

  4. galaxy tab 10.1 here I come. I’ve been waiting for a tab that offers proper HD, that is; 1080p and that can measure up to the iPad in terms of look and feel. The new galaxy tabs will definitely have that. I am also very excited for the honeycomb on this particular device, should be phenomenal.

  5. divas@mobilezworld says:

    Specifications wise, Galaxy tab is better than IPad2…but it would definitely be priced more than 30,000…
    Nice comparison btx…thanks!

  6. First off, Android is OPEN SOURCE and LINUX BASED!

    Apple is NOT open source and is Unix based. Businesses have to pay high prices to license or buy space on the apple store.

    Viruses are created from peoples interest in a product, the more people who purchase something makes it more desirable for hackers to infect due to the larger spread. Smaller market share means… Lack of interest to infect them due to lesser impact on the community.

    Any virus that can infect an Android machine can technically infect an Apple Device, Apple’s BIGGEST flaw is the Bluetooth security… Meaning it is the #1 source of infection for all devices. Apple Actually has a virus scanner built in, but they don’t like to talk about it, without that component Apple would be horribly infected.

    The Galaxy is superior in both functionality and hardware specifications, even the cameras are both designed better, with a LED flash.

    To the person who said external port for memory sticks is unnecessary… you sir are mind washed into thinking you don’t need one, and are blind.

    The truth is external connectivity allows you to copy files from your device to your PC or elsewhere. You may say blah blah blah MicroUSB… Truth is its a pain in the rear to hookup a cable and use Apple’s garbage proprietary software to copy only certain files from your device..

    The Android devices also allows you to use your own MP3 files to play them without having to use the expensive Apple Store apps, or expensive Apple Music at 1 song per 1 Dollar… 20 songs 20 dollars… 1000 songs, 1000 dollars…
    The Truth is you can get many more songs cheaper from other places like Walmart or Target, etc… and then rip them to a MP3 file and play them on your Android Device. Copyright laws allow you to have one copy of any media you physically own and posses.

    Other downsides to Apple products..

    Battery not replaceable
    Memory not upgradeable
    Phones/computers/devices are cost prohibitively expensive
    Lack of Open Source software
    Having to use proprietary software to access Apple devices, OS, etc..
    Expensive Software/apps
    Small market share and lack of software…

    Facts about Android

    Low cost hardware
    High speed devices
    upgradable memory
    Replaceable battery!
    External connectivity
    Wireless that supports A/B/G/N + latest Bluetooth
    Little reason to update software excessively like Apple does
    Faster OS with massive-multitasking capability
    Low memory Foot-print for OS software
    Open Source software!
    Non proprietary access methods
    Non Proprietary file formats

  7. Great blog post! But, I’ve heard that the Apple iPad 32GB is a better product than the Samsung Galaxy Tablet. What do you think?

  8. Doesn’t really matter if its faster at doing one thing, when Droid is faster at multitasking many things at the same time. Hence “Multi-Tasking” a feature Iphone and Ipad lack. The software may be able to do it but the way they designed the phone/ipad software limits it to much to be able to run multiple programs effectively, and with reasonable speed.

    What good is the iphone/ipad’s dual core processor if you can’t multitask properly.? I know the I phone 4.0 is supposed to offer “Basic” Multi-tasking, but no where near as good as what Droid has, it will be awhile before Apple catches up.

  9. Yes, but you can multitask on your ipad, and I don’t think you can conclude your comparison that simply.

    I think it largely comes down to preference. Regardless of which one is faster at what, whether or not you prefer Android or Apple iOS makes all the difference. And like you said how Apple still has some catching up to do for multitasking, Android still has some catching up to do to make an OS that’s better fitted for a tablet.

  10. i prefer to have Galaxy tab, but not now 😀

  11. i am going to buy one of these.but i didnt used apple products before.i hear apple prod hv many restrictions.can we add music,videos…. directly to tab from pc?which one is better? Does tab include tv out?

  12. u didnt need to used-to-use apple’s product to use their new product, apple’s product is so easy to use. Talking about transfering files, theres sOftware which allow you to directly transfer songs from your pc into ipad without using itunes but believes me, itunes are much better than the old-fashioned drag and drop style. samsung tab is most likely like an oversized “samsung”-phone, i dont know whats so good with the tab. i prefer ipad 2 over samsung tab. with ipad, you can have like most-everything at the palm of ur hand.

  13. Azrul,

    You can do anything you can do on an Apple machine JUST as easy if not easier on a PC. Heck if your using Ubuntu Unity you can do the same thing in Linux too…

    What your saying is that its easy for YOU, not necessarily that its easier for everyone.

  14. iPad definitely looks better. But I’m not sure if it’s functionally better than Tab!
    Can I use my videos and music and images from my desktop? And does it support flash?

  15. Andrew,

    I can see how much you hate Apple….the fact is Apple has its own image and true leader in Technology (More 250B$ in market capitalization, where is google????? lolzzzz)….Open Source is free and we all know what we get for free….(sh**)……..Android is still a baby ….crapware and copyware… u noe HTC pays 5$ to MS for evry android device they sell….and damn it…look at samsung’s Android UI….One of my friends confused my ip4 wid samsung ace and asked me can i see ur samsung touch phone…lolzzzZZZ……….Nomatter what Apple is the most successful company in Post PC products…..let’s come to Mac….if they spun off mac business it’ll be Fortune 109th Co with 22B $ in revenue……..People love quality products not s*** from companies like Samsung or Motorola….etc……..grow up…think different…think Apple…..I jus need a quality product that works fine and i don need open source crap….i’ve lot more things to do in life than customizing phone/tablet…..i don understand what f*** u achieved with Open Source????? f**** wasting ur time in useless s*** which is already available in sme good thin…..I don’t wanna waste my time transferring files to others……I can transfer my music using itunes…may be u don’t noe…u can transfer music/videos even if you don’t purchase via itunes store……

  16. Other downsides to Apple products..

    Battery not replaceable (Why do you need to replace battery when it’s superior and runs longer than any other….:P…)
    Memory not upgradeable (64GB on a tablet is more than sufficient…and I recently upgraded my imac’s memory to 16GB RAM and 1 TB hard drive)
    Phones/computers/devices are cost prohibitively expensive (SO, are all droids are cheaper than a shit?? nothin is free dude….u’ve to spend money for quality ware)
    Lack of Open Source software (Why do u need open source software when closed and secure apps are available in lakhs???? and I can use OPen Source apps on my Mac…don’t u noe it’s rock solid unix based and supports open source too….)
    Having to use proprietary software to access Apple devices, OS, etc. (itunes is universal app to access any apple device…..u don’t need anything else).
    Expensive Software/apps (30% of App Store’s apps are free….)
    Small market share and lack of software…

  17. ok ok why u guys being so disrespectful?!!!
    It’s just a forum for comparing devices and giving information! There is nothing personal here!
    Calm down and just respond each other respectfully so everyone can get the information they need!

  18. Gregstar says:

    Well, we need to be objective and Apple or Samsung is not a soccer team or whatever to be fanatic. I have 2 iPod’s (nano and touch) the latest. I am a Pro photographer working in both MAC and PC for years. BUT I have Samsung Wave (8500,Bada and I love Android too) as a mobile phone and certainly I will buy the Samsung Tab 10.1 for thousand’s reasons!!!
    Dont forget that Samsung builds the 80% of microprocessors of Apple 28 years now! Its an internal competition. Samsung builds 1ghz processor and micro circuits for Apple computers too.
    Mac’s will never exist without Samsung in 80,s and 90,s. This is known. So I believe that if you buy a Samsung or an Apple u will be satisfied. The “gadget truth”: You pay now 500$ for a device and in a 6 month period there is something new better and cheaper ( I told u: internal comp, NOT consumers competition!!!). U know this history.
    Samsung is always 2-3 steps ahead from Apple (if you are follow every month the tech evolutions for years, u will know that). Apple’s weapon is the brand name that costs 155 bil dollars. And Apple has a huge contract with Samsung (billions). If someday Samsung wants to be independent, it will be a huge matter for Apple (secrets, etc..). Think commercially: If China someday BLOCK thousands of company’s to construct their products Everything will be different in Brand names, Tech and stock market. Please, dont be fanatic in Brand names….we live in days that everything is fragile. Think wise, buy what you need and what you expect to need in the future.

  19. Well….’m a lead systems engineer and i use all kinda of products frm apple to samsung at work for various thins…. But Apple’s products are always perfect….. Yes samsung makes apple’s chips…. But it’s Apple’s engineers who is designing them….. Not samsung engineers …. They jus building those as per apple’s spec… borrowed tht ‘arm’ not frm samsung …..i feel programming for apple is more easier …. Apple apps are programmed using c and objective c …. Nothin can beat the performamce of c …. Thts y its widely used in OS and game development ….. Thats y apple have more quality apps than droids…. Droid is OS wid flaws…. See icloud …. Evrythin happens over the internet…. No need to connect to ur pc or mac to take backups … Auto push … Auto save ….. Its worth spendin more bucks for a quality product made by apple than spendin on shit droid…..

  20. Mr Gregster,

    Please check what you talkin…don’t give wrong info here…

    “Mac’s will never exist without Samsung in 80,s and 90,s. ” lolzzz (in 80’s Mac’s were running on Motorola’s processors made by moto and in 90’s they switched to PowePC Processors designed by Apple, IBM and Motorola and made by freescale semiconductors, freescale also make chips for SUN and HP either….)…….and now Apple is using Intel’s processors made by Intel….not samsung…:P………..

    Samsung only makes Processors for iOS Devices which is again designed by Apple based on ARM Architecture…Samsung won’t design chips…Apple’s the biggest client for Samsung…Samsung just makes smething as per apple’s spec…and Apple can give that contract to other companies either….just like they gave the assembling thin to foxconn……Samsung and foxconn rely on apple’s contract……and they earn huge profits in tht…….

    well….my stupidity what a professional photographer will know abt technology ???? lolzzzz……do ur photography perfectly and then talk abt technology ……

  21. Gregstar says:

    Mr reddy

    First, dear reddy. I am not going to show off my biography here and what deggrees I have. But for your concern I have 3. The major one with master is in semmiconductor achitecture. Unfortunately you are a little rood to me and you show me this way to follow too. Photography is art and if you know math and physics too, its a great combination. Now to our point. OF course Aplle, like CMD 64 they had Motorola series 60000 and then 68000. I had my first deggree in programming at 1984 (Assembly, Basic, DBase II and then III pLus, etc) and an owner of Acorn Electron, Newbrain and then CMD 64, AMIGA 1000 and 500. Samsung as I said constructing proccesors and parts for Apple for decades. Have you ever saw the motherboards for iMac’s from 2006 and then? HAve you ever seen what is on the top of Northbrige chips? i Phone has Samsung Proccessor. And WRONG…..Samsung is not only the constructor. They work together in designing some chips and special proccesors and ten,s of internal circuits and this is happening from 80’s Mr…. and I am not talking only for proccesors. The most important product of Samsung is semiconductors and if you follow tech, u know how important is this. Matcushita wich own Panasonic has great deals with Samsung and also in 90’s Sony’s Trinitron TV were made and designed by Samsung. Eizo Pro monitors (my favorites) designed by Samsung and the list is more big. Nokia, Bosse and aiwa are other major companions for Samsung. Apple started at the Silicon Valley. It had the funds and some technology (I have no doubt about that) But it needed big support to be a huge brand name. in 2009 Samsung took the first place as a world’s biggest IT maker (118$ Bil dollars) by surpassing HP. Samsung also own NEC from 1980. And also invented the DRAM memory which exist in all pc’s right now and GPU cards too. Samsung Seagate(HD’s) is also a part. And the list is big too. Please dont confuse these 2 companies (Apple and Samsung). Is something completely different and Samsung always will have the first word as a leader of electronics right now. If they have “internal war” if for the consumer eyes only. Thats a huge marketing strategy. I trust Apple but I hate Apple’s strategy in monopoly without merging tech’s in software (no flash , iTunes, extend browsing, etc) and in hardware . Samsung is my first choise because is more advanced and respect the customer in many ways.
    So Pro photographers can know more about technology at least I have a wide picture of both!! and …how u typed that? lolzzzz$&^&^ Haha I am doing perfectly both.

    P.S. you need contrary…..its a waste of time…

  22. Ok you guys are still being rude! And I think we forgot we are specifically comparing iPad2 and Tab 10.1! not Samsung and Apple!
    I always thought Tab looked ugly! But seeing this made me believe Samsung can make better-looking products! :
    I think it’s the new Tab 10.1! Still doesn’t look as good as iPad but looks good enough!
    And for me SD is not a big deal! You have bluetooth everywhere these days! I more care about Flash and the fact that most websites have at least a little bit Flash in them!

  23. lolzzzz….rofl…..lmaOOOOO!!!!!!!!>…..

    yes, u’re ryt old man…..i don’t wanna waste my time to reply the s**** u typed……

    Apple can give tht semi conductor contract to sme other company…..then it’s huge loss for samsung….well…no use of arguing with u….:p…the world noes whch co gives better quality … sukzzzz big tym…..

  24. Mr.Reddy

    You’re right

    Apple might switch to Either Intel or TSMC soon

    Samsung quarterly results are already 30% down this quarter.

  25. If only Apple didn’t have so many fanboys who cannot handle any feedback about their products without reacting badly. My mind is made up, Samsung Tab for me. IPad has too many issues and too many fools who will defend it. Imagine guys defending a non-replaceable battery and an inability to expand memory. Not so surprising that they all say lolzzzz as well. Teenagers without knowledge.

  26. superifan says:


    Dude, how much memory can u add on to ur copied crapware (aka. Samsung Tab)? U can have a max 64GB(ext + int) ?????

    Yes, we don’t need to replace a battery, Apple will replace the entire device if something is wrong in their product under the warranty period. Samsung and other copy cats will never do that…they repair or they give lame reasons and try to avoid replacement….tell me one Samsung product that made people stand in long lines outside the store even 6 months after the release?

    You old fools won’t appreciate , you’re blind, you can’t accept the huge success of Apple.

    And We iFans will always defend our beloved company, we say lolzzz, rofl, lmao, etc. We are the new generation dude…never underestimate teenagers….if you wanna buy that crapware “Samsung Tab” go ahead and buy…who’s stopping you? “if you don’t have an ipad, you don’t have an iPad” thats it….go ahead… get the crap….loosers !!!!!!!!!!!

  27. lol, worst come to worst just get both of it, use it for like a month or two then see which one is better. still voting for ipad 2 :)

  28. Rishabh says:

    Great Blog and useful specs included gr8 site
    Samsung Galaxy tab is better in multitasking with much more ram than iPad

  29. dude.. Ram is not the only thing that can give you better multitasking….overall performance of multitasking depends on OS, CPU, GPU, RAM, ROM…..etc….Ram is just a part of hardware….what’s use of a crap OS on a high tech hardware :p 😀

  30. Rishabh says:

    Can some please tell me which tablet to choose for business ipad 2 or samsung galaxy tab 10.1?
    also is there any other tablet which can be used this purpose
    my main requirements are

    good battery
    good service
    storing pdf,ppt and other files
    good resolution
    big screen (small screen will also be okay

    Thank You :)

  31. questionmark says:

    Wow – thank you marketing departments for iPad & Samsung for all the information. You helped me decide – I’m buying the Motorola Xoom!

  32. Sony, HP, Toshiba and more companies are giving out their tablets!
    most use android but HP uses it’s own WebOS!
    I’ll buy the new 10.1 Tab or a Sony tablet!
    or go with an Asus Eee Slate which is more expensive than the others but works with Win7!

  33. Fahmi The Goalkeeper says:

    First of all, i like “Questionmark’s” comment the;p
    Secondly,i do agree with Chevy and Reddy and that’s the truth beyond the truth- we only get dissatisfied with freeware..nothing good comes free..;p
    Thirdly,i’ve tried iOS and Android almost for a year and it’s proven that i just can get enough of iOS!it’s addicting not like me,becoz i’m not somekind of marketing department of any brand..;)
    P/S: can’t wait to get iPad 2..;)

  34. Mr Miyagi says:

    I have used android since the the G1 and have stuck with them until now, I also own an iPod touch and iPad 2. apple products do feel a lot slicker at the moment than android counterparts however android is catching up… bottom line is both tablets are good if you don’t mind the restrictions on the iPad (lack of flash, non upgradable mem etc..) go for the iPad….


    You “ifans” and “AnFans” need to get a life a choose a product based on your requirements and not based on what “team” your supporting

    Mr Miyagi

  35. if u are tech freak or brand freak n want to show ur tab to ppls then go for ipad 2 ,n if u want to use ur tab for work regularly go samsung tab 2(10.1),,n if u can afford a heavier n bulky tablet,, go for acer iconia tab(10.1)..:):)