September 26, 2017

Compared – Samsung Galaxy Fit Vs HTC Wildfire S [Review & Detailed Comparison]

If you are looking for an Android Phone, I am sure your mind might be moving around Samsung or HTC. Both the companies have released so many Android Smartphones; it became tough for the buyer to decide which company to choose and which Smartphone to go with. We are putting our efforts to differentiate various phones, I mean making comparison, so that doubts should be clear and the decision of purchasing a phone should be quick.

Today I found two more handsets which are tough competitors of each other, one is Samsung Galaxy Fit and the competitor of Samsung is HTC Wildfire S. We have already compared HTC Wildfire S with Samsung Galaxy 3.

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Samsung Galaxy Fit Vs HTC Wildfire S

Samsung Galaxy Series is one of the most popular and liked handset series of Samsung, almost all the Samsung Galaxy phones are amazing powerful and featured. On the other side, HTC Wildfire S is the upgraded version of HTC Wildfire and HTC is very well known for their stylish and powerful Android Smartphones and HTC Wildfire S is one of the best build phones from HTC.

Design & Outer Looks

Talking about the Samsung Galaxy Fit, a member of Galaxy Family, the phone is designed with shiny finish and made it into “U” shaped device. The phone looks silently beautiful in glossy black-grey shade with 1 Physical button and 2 Touch buttons on the top. Its large 3.3-Inches TFT Capacitive Touchscreen adds more beauty to the phone.

HTC Wildfire S is not behind in the race, equally competing with the Samsung’s Phone, HTC has equally concentrated on the outer looks of the phone with curved design and glossy and shiny body. The phone is readily manufactured in 3 different colors. A 0.1-inches smaller screen than Samsung Galaxy Fit, i.e. 3.2-Inches TFT Capacitive Touchscreen, can be ignored.

Operating System & Processing Power

No Differences in the OS, both the phones are Android Based Smartphones but Version is Different on both the phones where Samsung Galaxy Fit is having older version of Android OS i.e. Android 2.2 Froyo but the HTC Wildfire S is having latest version of Android 2.3 Gingerbread OS. But according to my knowledge, Samsung Galaxy Fit OS can be upgradable to Android 2.3; I am not sure about it. :(

Samsung Galaxy Fit is having 600 MHz Qualcomm processor whereas HTC Wildfire S is also having the same 600 MHz Processor with 512 MB of RAM & 512 MB of ROM. So there are no issues with the processors of both the phones.


Samsung Galaxy Fit is using the Samsung’s most popular UI known as TouchWiz v3.0, which is latest UI version by Samsung. On the other hand HTC Wildfire is using the HTC’s popular UI, HTC Sense v2.1. It all depends upon you, which user-interface you feel better to use. No Comments!

Storage Capacity

Internal Memory of Samsung Galaxy Fit is about 160 MB and it supports expandable memory with MicroSD Card Support upto 32 GB. There is no information about the internal memory of HTC Wildfire S, but it confirmed that it supports expandable memory slot with MicroSD Card Support upto 32 GB. So, both are having the same storage capacity. No Comments!

Camera & Photography

Camera is the one of the most purchase deciding feature in the mobile phone, camera matters a lot to the customers. So taking care of this, both the companies have added 5 MP Camera, a big difference is Samsung Galaxy Fit do NOT have “LED Flash” but HTC Wildfire S have “LED Flash”.

Both the phones have the same image resolution of 2592 x 1944 pixels and features Geo-Tagging, Autofocus. These two phones support Video Recording too.

Neither Samsung Galaxy Fit nor HTC Wildfire is having Secondary Camera. On the basis of customer feedbacks, I have found that, HTC Supports Video calling, whereas Samsung Galaxy Fit does NOT support Video Calling, which is one of the biggest drawbacks of this phone.

Connectivity Features

Focusing on Connectivity features: Samsung Galaxy Fit is having Wi-Fi, GPS, AGPS, Bluetooth 2.1 with A2DP, MicroUSB, and USB Mass Storage. Same is the deal with HTC Wildfire S features Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi Hotspot, GPS, AGPS, Bluetooth 3.0 with A2DP, EDR, MicroUSB, USB Mass Storage.
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Network Capability

Network capability is both support 2G,3G networks.


Price is almost comparable, but truly I would say the prices are not comparable, because Samsung Galaxy Fit will be costing you around Rs.11,500 whereas HTC Wildfire S is going to cost you around Rs. 17,000-18,000.

I tried my best to clear all the features and doubts, now the Choice is yours!

Personally I would like to suggest you to go with, Samsung Galaxy Fit, if Video Calling Doesn’t matter to you. If it matters, you must go with HTC Wildfire S.

So which phone you are going to purchase? Do share with us, We would love to hear from you :)

If you find any wrong or incomplete details, Please provide us the feedback. Our efforts are always to provide full and correct Samsung Galaxy Fit Vs HTC Wildfire S Comparison, there can always a possibility of admitting a mistake.

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  1. You didnt compare the battery power.

  2. Pretty bad comparision, htc wildfire wins by a long distance!!..

  3. Shubham says:

    htc wildfre having very good application…………..

  4. comparison is gud . but considering prices comparison looks hollow & demeaning

  5. HTC wildfire S vs fit is not fair as they both belong to differnet category of phones.

  6. No No No !!! i got wildfire S for rs 13,500 !!! wat r u saying ??

  7. Grammar Nazi says:

    @saransh… Dude! Thats the Wildfire.

    @Rajan Balana… Good effort, but seriously you need more work. Your article makes me regret wasting five minutes of my life. Word of caution “is having” is wrong… why can’t you just write “has”?? A parting note: There’s nothing technical about you or this article, so why don’t you stop wasting our collective time and do something that you’re good at!

  8. Wolfeh says:

    Did you all also notice that the VS picture depicts a HTC Wildfire, and not the HTC Wildfire S?

    The S doesn’t have the optical trackpad thing.

  9. vipin kaushik says:

    I have just bought galaxy fit. I love it.
    I used HTC touch earlier, believe me HTC service is pathetic. I had to go to service centre once due to physical damage, paid for repair. But I had to visit again and again, as in service they use chinese parts.

  10. Praneeth says:

    Hi ,
    I have decided on purchasing Galaxy fit. Until 2 days ago I had owned a HTC Tilt(Kaiser) running on Windows 6.1(unfortunately the screen broke and we do not have support for this model in India). Thanks for the difference as it really helps…

  11. Nilesh B Chavan says:

    Hi Rajan,
    I like your review of Galaxy fit. plz help me out. i like galaxy fit. just one problem is there with no flash with camera. please suggest some alternates for galaxy fit. i want all the features which are of Samsung galaxy fit +flash with camera. my budget is 1000 k. plz suggest me some good phones buddy..

    thanx in advance..

  12. Samsung galaxy fit

  13. fit has 16 million color display, wildfire is 256k display

  14. i am using galaxy fit and believe me it is fit! in all my criteria for buying a phone

  15. abhishek says:

    i want to buy samsung galaxy fit, bt i have heard its battery back up is nt good, what should i do

  16. Deepak Kumar says:

    Hi everyone.
    I want to buy a smartphone. I have shortlisted HTC wildfire, Samsung galaxy fit and LG optimus one P500.
    I have confused among these phones… LG optimus has good resolution but has only 3MP camera … I heard that HTC wildfire has bad screen resolution thats why it doesn’t support some android application but it has 5MP camera with flash and its HTC sence UI is better than both’s ..
    So friend . … Please suggest me a nice phone among them …. And if you know better phone instead of them then please suggest me ….


  18. Deepak kumar says:

    Hi Gaurav..
    You can go for samsung galaxy ace . It has LED FLASH.

  19. Hi,

    You are talking about a HTC wildfire s; but u have given the picture of a wildfire and not wildfire s.
    Pl. change.

    Thanks for pointing out that HTC wf s has wifi hotspot.

  20. jitendra says:

    wildfire S cost 13899 around as on flipcart.. so htc wildfire S is not a bad choice even cost considered

  21. Hi,
    I have been using Samsung fit, it is a good phone but I faced a strange problem with this phone. With Idea sim card incoming stops. And this is not the problem of my operator. When I use this Idea sim in other phone it works fine. So before purchasing this phone keep this thing in mind as well. Overall very good phone.

  22. Hi,

    I heard that HTC wildfire is available in market with the range of Rs.10500-11500

  23. Hey, what you have heard is not true. Its battery is good with 1350mAh

  24. Does samsung galaxy ace or fit can be transfomed to wifi hotspot

  25. Hi pl compare document reading facilities also. Good effort is put


  26. don’t go for FIT, i have it. it misses some basic feature like forwarding or editing msg from inbox.
    just think how many times u like to type everything for sending a message.

    thousand of application available but you will need to pay for half of application you need.

    if you need 5mp camera then nokia e5 is best for 9000 but its Symbian, although includes many good feature like 3g, wifi, document editor……

  27. Dear All,
    Don’t go for Samsung Product…i took Samsung Fit one week back.its wont support many android Apps. and Flash was not supported so u cant see flash content.and its very week hardware which causes Restart the phone,in one week daily is Restarted.and built in applications are not working..
    now i’m looking for sale.

  28. i thing u have added some of ur phonebookcontact in reject this same thing happened to me on my samsung star not fit so go to setting and disable it….

  29. s…fit has latest Android 2.3 Gingerbread…but i dont know abt video call..thats d great problem..

  30. fit doesnt have update for gingerbread

  31. Recently i bought galaxy after thinking and comparing a lot about htc.but comparing the price i would say Samaung is better

  32. Pls advice me for a good smart phone , touch screen in the range till 10k.

  33. Go for HTC wildfire its around 10,800/-
    its far better then Samsung Fit, im using Samsung Fit form past 1month…
    which worst smart phone in the android2.2;
    which not support 50% of apps in the android market,
    and its restarts offen.

  34. Ratnadip says:

    Samsung fit is best ……

  35. Please let me know in which ways Samsung Fit is best…
    its a worst using it since from one month…

  36. HTC Wildfire s is better overall,bcoze provide better internet connectivity with ur laptop or pc with WIFI HotSpot

  37. But speed depends on ur network.(3g , 2g). Dude

  38. I too have galaxy Fit.. and it has these features.. U can press for few seconds on the inbox msg u want to forward and u will get options to do that….

  39. even i think same.. its battry backup is little it has multiple applications running..

  40. oooops. sorry samsung. now i know how to operate it :)

  41. can anyone please advise. i am consistently getting network problem in galexy fit.
    service center people says my phone has no problem. network operator say there is no problem in network. still often my phone doesn’t have network connectivity.

    is there anyone else having similar issue.
    please reply

  42. Jai Gowtham says:

    Galaxy fit is the best accept video calling and i purchase upgraded to gingerbread 2.3.4 now d cost is only 9000/- and htc above 11000

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