September 26, 2017

Quick Online Money From Google, Trending New Scam Idea

“Earn money online” is one of the highest searched keywords in search engines.

Many scammers try to use these opportunities to continue their fraudulent activities. People obviously want to become rich very early and by the shortcut way. They don’t even know that this shortcut way will lead them to more loss, more shame and more depress.


According to Wikipedia, Definition for the online fraud is:

Internet fraud refers to the use of Internet services to present fraudulent solicitations to prospective victims, to conduct fraudulent transactions, or to transmit the proceeds of fraud to financial institutions or to others connected with the scheme.


I hate the online scammers and I posted an article about the many type of online scammers in my blog.

Here I want to mention for the most realistic fraud activity trending in the internet now, i.e. Earn money from Google.

As you can see the attractive banner advertisements and text advertisements, in that mentioned some attractive offers to make money online easily.


  1. Work At Home Mum Makes $7,487/Month Part-Time
  2. I basically make $6,000-$8,000 a month online.
  3. Offer Promotion Ends Tomorrow: Monday, March 28, 2011 (and this date changes every day!!!)
  4. Work at home and earn Big Money easily
  5. Google pays me $125 an hour (with a man/woman holding a check)


There are so many examples are there in internet. Whatever banners/ads you click, it will lead you to the website (I don’t encourage you to visit this site and fall into their trap!) This website is designed as a News website, there are some money-making articles posted there. All advertisements and links shown in this website will lead you to (Again, don’t fall to their trap by visiting this site). All these things are made to look like a professional company, which can easily attract innocent people.

In their website (newsdaily7), you can see many attractive comments below the article. Don’t believe that comments, it is posted by the site owners (frauds/scammers)

You can find all type of scam details and examples in


Note to publishers

Don’t insert these ads; you will not make any good income by this ad. This banner ads looks attractive and might be clicked by many users, but the thing is, it is a CPM ad, where you will not get income through clicks! It annoys your visitors and if any user find out about its reality, then you will probably going to lose that visitor.

[ad#Small Link Unit]

If someone really wants to earn money online, then they should find the organic way, by creating a blog, posting good articles, socializing their blogs through social networks, doing some good SEO activities etc. Remember, there are no shortcuts to earn money and there are no shortcuts to attract the visitors. Put some hard work and dedication to your blogs, it will help you to earn some decent income by your blog.

About Musthafa Ullal

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  1. Yes these scam are hitting all over internet via CPM adverting companies…

  2. It is a sad fact that many authoritative publishers display these ads and lure many unknowing visitors into the trap setup by these ads. However, I am quite surprised by the fact that Technorati Ad Media, despite being a reputable company, is supporting this type of ads.

  3. Really this was a fantastic article with some sound knowledge.This is true about “earn money online keyword.”Huge number of people search for that keyword.

  4. Ya, but, why don’t they are banning these type of advertisements?
    Publishers like me cant control of its appearance, due to large number of ads approval

  5. i also seen this in technorati. But the fact that, if publisher keep ads approval setting as automatic, then these ads enters, if we setup it to manual approval of ads, then it wont come…
    for easy use, everyone setup ads approval as automatic (due to large ads)

  6. Nishi Singh says:

    There are too many scams specially money making scams.

  7. Carlton Seek says:

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    1. Commitment: The very first thing you have to do is to commit to yourself that you are serious with your choice, you’re serious with building your own business, serious about taking 100% responsibility with whatever you do. You might think that this sounds ridiculous, but it’ll guide you rightly on your journey. Once you can think, and are responsible like a real business owner, you’ll stand out from people.

    2. Education: The next important part that can make or break your business is your education, or your knowledge about this online business. Most people failed because they did not know exactly what Internet Affiliate Marketing is, how it works, and how they can do things correctly. If you want to see results in the long run, you must arm yourself with enough knowledge. Don’t let something that you don’t know holds you back.

    3. Focus: The laser beam can break through even the thickest plate of metal because it focuses its energy. You can break even everything if you stay focus too. Fact is, people have no advantages over you, everyone starts at the same level, the reason why some have success, some don’t lies in the word “focus”. Focus on what you can do best, on what you know the most, and go with them, you’ll join the 5% group soon.

    4. Taking actions: Isn’t it true that only taking actions can bring you closer to your goals? You can’t achieve results just by sitting there, making a wish! It’s time to put what you’ve learned so far to real actions. I know this is the hardest part, but believe me that when you can do the very first action toward your goals, the next steps will come naturally. Whatever you do, make sure that it guides you to your goals!

    5. Don’t quit: Quitters are losers! In fact, if you’re serious with your online business, having enough knowledge about what you’re doing, and are taking actions persistently, chances are you’ll never quit! Congratulations! Because most people came in fast, but they quit soon as well. If you just stay focus, taking actions, and don’t quit, you’ll be successful. Guaranteed!

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  8. Cool….i just love learning new things, thanks for the good instruction that i have found here.

  9. internet marketing blog says:

    Excellent post with great resources!

  10. The few ways to make money and the many ways not to loose it.

  11. m.khizar says:

    i want to work in please you guide me just

  12. Dear friend, you can’t find job in Google here. You need to study hard and apply for the right post there. Do not trust any strangers and fall in their trap or scams.

    Musthafa Ullal

  13. i just saw a “Google pays me $173 an hour” ad right in your site’s adpart.
    what about that…!!!

  14. nice blog……..

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