September 26, 2017

Grab 3 “Daily Theme” from Theme Junkie – Dreambloggers 2nd Giveaway

One more giveaway is here, Previously We had organized the giveaway of Hello Bar invitations and it went very well with lots of readers participation. That was a very small giveaway in comparison with this time’s giveaway.



Today we are going to distribute not 1 but 3 copies of “Daily Theme” from the very renowned Theme Designer Company “Theme-Junkie”. I am sure, you might have heard about Theme-Junkie, if you didn’t please check the website of theme junkie,

The Giveaway of 3 Copies of Daily Theme is officially sponsored by “Theme-Junkie”. I would like to say Thank You to the team of Theme-junkie for supporting us. Let me share few of the features of Daily Theme.

Daily Theme from Theme Junkie

Daily Theme from Theme Junkie

Features of Daily Theme from Theme-Junkie

  • Advanced Theme Control Panel
  • Auto-sized Thumbnail Management
  • Text/Image Logo Switcher
  • Fully Widgetized Sidebars
  • Advertisement Management
  • Localization Ready
  • Analytics/Stat Management
  • Built-in FeedBurner Support
  • Threaded Comments
  • Gravatar Ready
  • Custom Page Templates
  • Custom Widgets
  • Dropdown Menu Navigation
  • Smooth Tableless design
  • WordPress 3.1+ Compatible
  • Cross-Browsers Compatibility
  • Forum Support
  • Lifetime Upgrade

You can preview the beauty and features of this theme, Preview Daily Theme. The Actual price of the theme is $29.95 for single copy, but we are going to distribute 3 copies to 3 readers for free. It means 3 x $29.25 = $89.95 giveaway. Isn’t excited?

What you have to do to enter into this giveaway?

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Premium Theme Giveaway @DreamBloggers Hurry! Few Days Left! Sponsored by Theme-Junkie Grab it soon! To participate visit:

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Premium Theme Giveaway @ Hurry! Few Days Left! Sponsored by Theme-Junkie Grab it soon! To participate visit:


Eligibility criteria for entering into this giveaway is just to complete the compulsory steps. If you are fulfilling the optional steps, that will be counted as you are saying “Thank You” to us for this giveaway. If you want to thank us, you can fulfill the optional needs too :)

Note: Please leave your links of social sharing (Retweet link, Facebook Sharing Link) via Comment.

The giveaway is going to end on “20-April-2011” and winners will be announced on or before “22-April-2011”. All winners will be selected randomly from “”.

Update: This Contest is Closed Now!

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I am Rajan Balana, A Blogger from Rajasthan. I love playing PS2 and enjoy blogging.


  1. Great giveaway mate, Best of luck to all of them who are participating. Well I am unable to participate since I have all the Theme Junkie Themes. But still sharing it in Facebook. Best of luck with the contest Rajan

  2. Hello Saket,

    Thanks for your Participation.

    Best of Luck :)

  3. Hello Shiva,

    Thanks your best wishes :) Thanks for your comment too :)

  4. Hello Akshay,

    Thank you for the participation :)

    All the Very Best :)

  5. Pradeep Bhandari says:

    Nice giveaway….CMI :)!/tech3dge/status/55579059635228673
    subcribed to feedburner and liked FB page too.
    Good Luck all…

  6. This WP Theme is one of the well most done templates aside with the massive number of the publication.

    I met all conditions of the participation in the contest. I added info on FB and Twitter. I am observing you in the Twitter service. I am a RSS subscriber, I am a fan on FB.!/warstwydotcom/status/55577666648158208

  7. Done All. . . :)

    FB SHARE –

    Twitter Share –!/arjunchauhan24/status/55603213012971520

    Following DreamBloggers on Twitter and FaceBook from more than 2 months!

    I Hope i will win.. :)

  8. Great contest…i would love to enter into…

    i have a doubt, will the theme be a premium one or free one??

  9. Rohit Batra says:
  10. Hello DI,

    Thanks for your query, It is Daily Theme Giveaway, Daily Theme is a Premium Theme and We will be giving it free to our lucky winning readers. I hope your doubt is cleared now?

    Theme is a premium one.

  11. hey rajan,
    i was not able to enter the social sharing link now what can i do

    i had done all the steps required

    plz guide…….

  12. Twitter :
    Fb :
    Already liked your page long back 😛

    Done all 😀

  13. Naman Pandey says:
  14. Siddanth@Tech-Mania says:
  15. Siddanth@Tech-Mania says:

    when your post it on your twitter and db it shows the seconda or time it was posted mouse over on the seconds link and copy that url here,,,

  16. Abdullah Al Moyen says:
  17. Amol Wagh says:

    I am totally IN

  18. Hello Amol,

    Thanks for your participation, I would like to request you to please provide us with the shared links, so that it will be easy for us to count you. Thanks :)

  19. Here I give you some re-tweets and FB shares!! Best of luck with the contest brother.

    Don’t count me as a participant. I already own a AIO TJ License.

    Best of luck to all the participants! :)

  20. shashank says:

    Great themes ! Wish i am among one of the winners !!/shashank_1990/status/56871854236897280
    waiting for a positive reply;)

  21. Sumanth Kumar says:
  22. nice giveaway, all the best

  23. Thanks for sharing nice blog post, i like it so much

  24. Thanks for sharing nice info. I like it so much

  25. Nice Giveaway, I think this theme is already out now. Someone is alowing it to download free 😉 isnt it? All the best for participants!!

  26. I hope I will win this theme….!!/pythonskynet/status/58406284071927808 (my profile :))

    followed on twitter

  27. ipad applications says:

    Thanks for sharing featured post.

  28. This blog site is extremely good!

  29. Good Luck to all! Thanks for this great giveaway 😀


    All compulsary steps done! :)

  30. Already followed you @Twitter and done all the steps mentioned above.

  31. I need these theme because i migrating from blogspot to wordpress on next week hope so i will win these contest


  32. That means I missed something interesting, how I wish I knew when the contest is still hot?
    BTW: Thanks for sharing thoughg :)

  33. you missed a good chance…

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